A flash fiction story prompt….because.

So, this picture showed up in my Facebook feed, today:


Yes, my friends are a delightful if eccentric bunch.


I decided over there that this picture would serve in most admirable fashion as a flash fiction story prompt, so I’m now doing the same thing here. Why? I really have no good answer for that, except that it’s been a couple of days since I posted anything here and I need to keep things fresh and entertaining for you regulars, right?

The “rules” are the same as they are over there: write a story for this picture, in 250 words or less. I mean, assuming you want to, of course.

Here’s what I wrote over on Facebook:

“At last, I stand before my mortal enemy on the field of battle, stripped of all that gives you your false power and authority over my kingdom.”

“Whoa, hey! Hang on a second. Let’s everybody just calm down a bit, here.”

“No longer will I cower in the shadows as you run rampant across the countryside, bending others to your will and exploiting them for your own ends. Today, good shall triumph over evil. Light shall chase away darkness, and from tyranny and oppression shall emerge hope.”

“I’m pretty sure you’ve got me confused with someone else. I made a wrong turn up the road back there, and now I’m lost.”

“You *are* lost, outsider. Your soul is already cast upon the winds, and soon your body will follow. Face me in honorable combat, you craven minion of wickedness.”

“Dude, seriously. Who talks like that?”

“It is I who speak for the oppressed, for the downtrodden, and for those without voice. Run, prey, so that I might savor the root of your fear upon my senses before I strike you down.”

“You’re kidding me, right?”





“I can’t believe he fell for that shit. Dumbass. Let’s go get a beer.”

Okay, you’re up. 250 words or less. Have at it.


3 thoughts on “A flash fiction story prompt….because.

  1. I’m late finding this but it was worth it. Very Funny! I enjoy how comfortable I became with the very imaginative characters in such a short tale. I found the humor refreshing. Great talent!


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