Star Trek: Seekers 3 and 4 covers revealed!

Our friends over at have posted a new article featuring the cover art and back cover descriptions for the next two Star Trek: Seekers novels.


As with the first two books, the covers were created by talented artist Rob Caswell, who readers of the Seekers novels know provided the initial inspiration for the series. As he did with the covers of the first two books, Rob continues our goal of paying tribute to Star Trek book covers from the 1970s, specifically the adaptations of the original series episodes by James Blish.

Click on the pic or the link below to head over to and see the covers in all their embiggened glory: – FIRST LOOK: New Seekers Novels

Book 3, Long Shot by David Mack, will be out on July 28th, while All That’s Left by myself and Kevin will be in stores on October 27th. So, be sure to…you know…seek them out.

(I know. I’m hopeless.)

11 thoughts on “Star Trek: Seekers 3 and 4 covers revealed!

  1. Rob Caswell’s cover artwork is gorgeous, and I’m a big fan of any new series set in the Trek universe which is also set on a brand new ship with its own original crew. As much as I love the original characters of TOS, TNG, DS9, etc, there is limited scope for taking character development away from the original series templates. With a new crew, you can do your own thing, and the sky’s the limit. The Enterprise ain’t the only ship in Starfleet, y’know. 🙂


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