Is this thing on?

Previously, on The Fog of Ward:

I’ve been slow getting back into the blogging thing in the wake of last week’s Starfest Convention. Our annual pilgrimage to Denver was as much fun as it always is, even when you consider the freak storm Mother Nature tried to toss into our path as we were making our final approach into the Mile High City.

Despite that challenge (which ended up being very minor for us…not so for a lot of friends who ended up not making it down to the convention due to weather), we made it safely to the hotel and commenced to getting our geek on in fine fashion. After our usual pre-game ritual of lunch and game time at Dave & Buster’s, accompanied as we were by my wife and daughters, Kevin and I got into con mode as activities began ramping up on Friday afternoon. Friday evening was the annual “Meet & Greet” function, in which fans pay an additional fee to hang with the con’s guest in a casual atmosphere and without the hassle and chaos of autograph lines and all that. Kevin and I always feel out of place during this, but the fans never fail to make us feel like we’re supposed to be there right alongside the main “marquee” guests.

After the Meet & Greet, Kevin and did our second (annual?) “quote-along” movie screening. This time, we went with Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home as a way of paying tribute to Leonard Nimoy and Harve Bennett, both of whom we lost back in February. I don’t think we got the same level of audience participation as we did last year with Galaxy Quest, but it apparently attracted enough people that the con wants us to do it again next year (with a different movie, of course). I guess we’ll see!

Saturday seemed to race by, with Kevin and I spending most of the day in around the con’s “Author Alley.” We saw many familiar faces as well as a whole bunch of new ones, which is always nice. The day was capped off by the con’s annual costume contest, which Kevin and I help judge. There were a lot of very strong entries this year, and it’s always amazing to see the level of effort put into the various creations.

Sunday began with the annual talent show, the highlight of which was one young lady (I believe she said she was in high school) playing a version of “Enterprising Young Men” from Michael Giacchino’s score for the 2009 Star Trek film, which she had arranged herself for the piano. As I told her after the show, I wanted her to play it again, because I needed a new ringtone for my phone.

The rest of the con flew by in rapid fashion, and before we knew it, all of it was over and done. With everything packed away (or in the process of being packed away), Kevin and I acted on our standing invitation to crash the con staff’s after party in order to give our thanks to the crew and to say our goodbyes before people started heading home.

And so ends another Starfest. Hard to believe we’ve done 13 of those, now.

As always, we tip our hats to the Walker and Donnelly families, who do such a tremendous job of making such an incredible logistical challenge like running a convention look so easy. We also thank the army of staff and volunteers who do their best to make the weekend an enjoyable experience for everyone, and who always treat us like part of their extended family. Here’s hoping we get to do it all again in about a year or so.



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