Novel Spaces – “That ’10 Things People Say to Writers’ List Thing”

writerWow. It’s the 16th, again. No matter what I do, it just keeps coming around, month after month.


Well, since it’s indeed the 16th, that means it’s my turn at the mic over at the Novel Spaces blog!

This time around, I (try to) have a bit of fun with that writerly-focused meme you may or may not have seen floating around on the intrawebz, “10 Things People Say to Creative Writers (but probably shouldn’t).” Yes, the list is as adorable as it sounds.


Just for goofs, I decided to take the list of ten queries, and supply my own answers. Fun for the whole family!

Novel Spaces – “That ’10 Things People Say to Writers’ List Thing”

Okay, writers of every sort: What questions to you field on a regular or even frequent basis that make you cringe?

My Novel Spaces archive.


6 thoughts on “Novel Spaces – “That ’10 Things People Say to Writers’ List Thing”

  1. “So what’s your novel about?”
    Me: *frantically attempts to remember elevator pitch I just had memorized and now promptly forgot*

    I would also like it if someone asked me to tell them “everything” about my novel, but no one ever asks me that. They ask what it’s about, but if I can’t give them a 5-second synopsis, they stop listening after 5 seconds anyway. So I generally dislike this question altogether as it puts me in the uncomfortable situation of attempting to discern how genuinely interested the person is in the answer, and then trying to give an answer within those parameters (and usually failing). I think I’m going to start giving them the comparable titles pitch instead, “Well it’s basically like X book meets Y book.” Short, sweet, and apparently easier to remember than my elevator pitch … probably because I haven’t nailed down a good elevator pitch yet, but anyway …


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