I’m coming to Phoenix for LepreCon in June, people. FIRST WARNING.

Put away your breakables, Phoenix. I’m coming your way.

I’ll be making my first Phoenix convention appearance at LepreCon 41, which will be held June 25-28. The kind folks at the con also saw fit to invite me as a Guest of Honor. Can you believe that? It’s actually my first time receiving such an invitation from a convention.

As it happens, my invitation and appearance are thanks to a co-venture with the con as well as the United Federation of Phoenix, a longtime Star Trek fan organization that is celebrating its own 40th anniversary this year.


And yes, Kevin also will be coming, so we’ll be able to do the usual 2-man act we roll out for cons.

(No, not that act. The other one. The family friendly one. You people and your gutter brains. Sheesh.)

Other Guests of Honor who will be in attendance?

Jennifer Brozek, whom I’ve never met even though our virtual paths have crossed once or twice over the years, so I’m very much looking forward to hanging out and talking in the Real World.

Ken Kelly, who really should need no introduction, but I’m doing it, anyway: Does “Artistic Badass” cover it?

Victor Moreno, a Tempe-based artist and graphic designer who creates a lot of cool stuff for an impressive list of clients. Check out his own site for more info.

Camille and Kennerly Kitt, aka The Harp Twins. I’ve heard some of their music, but this will be my first time seeing them perform before a live audience. This should be fun.

And Larry Hama. Seriously, people…Larry Freaking Hama. 80s G.I. Joe Larry Hama. The guy who basically created everything most people today associate with G.I. Joe. The word you want here is “EPIC.”

Oh, and me.

I’m still learning what all will be going on during the extended weekend, but I imagine Kevin and I will be all over the place, doing this and that. Expect panels, and book signings, and whatever other surprises the LepreCon folks might have up their sleeves.

Thanks very much to the good people at LepreCon and the United Federation of Phoenix for extending the invitation. As I said upstream, it’ll be my first time seeing anything of Phoenix beyond its airport, so I’m looking forward to the trip, putting some faces to names of people I know from Twitter, Facebook, and other online venues, and making some new friends. This should be tons of fun, y’all!


Lay it on me.

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