There’s gonna be a Star Trek/Green Lantern crossover!

In the comic shop, everybody can hear you scream, fanboy.

Over the weekend at the annual WonderCon convention, IDW announced that it was teaming up with DC Comics for another Star Trek crossover. As some of you may know, the two companies partnered in late 2011 to bring us a six-issue crossover between Star Trek and the Legion of Super-Heroes. I’m not a huge Legion fan, but I found that effort enjoyable, and it was obvious that those involved were having fun.

For this next crossing of the streams, IDW and DC are sending Captain Kirk and his merry Enterprise band to hook up with Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps!


Comic Book Resources:
IDW and DC Team-Up for “Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War

Okay, I’m in.

To me, this is the sort of thing you can only really get away with in comics. Yes, I know there have been TV shows and films that hook up different properties for one reason or another, with varying results, but it’s the realm of comics where you can really go to town on something like this. I mean, where else are you going to find something so totally off the rails as Archie Meets Predator?


In truth and until recently, crossovers with Star Trek were pretty rare. There were the couple of matchups with the X-Men back in the 1990s, but it wasn’t until Trek landed at IDW that somebody decided to see what could happen. It started small, with Kirk and the gang participating in IDW’s Infestation multi-brand crossover, before moving on to the more ambitious Assimilation2, which featured Captain Picard and the Enterprise-D meeting up with the 11th incarnation of the Doctor (“Doctor Who?” you ask. Exactly.). Then there was the aforementioned Trek/Legion team-up, and The Primate Directive, this year’s Star Trek/Planet of the Apes franchise blending.

So far as crossing Trek with characters created specifically for comics, this is one mash-up that makes sense to me. The Green Lantern Corps is basically the Lensmen, right? An organization of space police charged with keeping peace and order throughout the galaxy? What’s not to love? Sign me up!

Of note is that this is the first time the new, “rebooted” versions of Kirk and his crew will be participating in something like this. I don’t think it really matters, either way. I just found it interesting.

I know there will be no shortage of hard core purists who won’t be thrilled to hear this news, but I get a kick out of stuff like this. It’s harmless fun, and it’s the sort of thing we were doing as kids when we mixed up Star Trek action figures with our Super Friends, G.I. Joes, Planet of the Apes, and so on.

Besides, who doesn’t want to see Captain Kirk flying around with a Power Ring?

I say bring it.


3 thoughts on “There’s gonna be a Star Trek/Green Lantern crossover!

  1. “…Assimiation2, which featured Captain Picard and the Enterprise-D meeting up with the 11th incarnation of the Doctor…”

    Holy crap, I missed this?!? Excuse me while I head for the nearest comic-book store….

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