Coming to Starfest 2015: “Star Trek IV: The Quote-Along Voyage Home!”

April is fast approaching, and with it our annual pilgrimage to Denver and one of our favorite conventions to attend, Starfest!

2015 will mark our 13th consecutive year as guests of the convention, and I don’t mind saying that we have at least as much if not more fun with each passing year. The con organizers find all sorts of things for us to do and to keep us out of trouble. If we’re not hosting or participating in panel discussions, we’re helping to judge the annual Saturday Night Costume Contest Spectacular as well as the Sunday talent show, and we try to pitch in wherever extra help is needed.

And every once in a while, they let us just do something goofy.

Following on the success of last year’s awesomely well-attended “Galaxy Quest: The Quote-Along Adventure,” the con has asked us to try again for this show on Friday evening. Rather than simply repeat ourselves, we’ve opted to go with another perennial fan-favorite film:


Is it time for a colorful metaphor? That and so much more awaits when you join writer guys Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore as they present a special screening of one of the most popular of the Star Trek films, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home!

Admiral Kirk and his intrepid crew are returning to Earth to stand trial for disobeying orders, stealing the Enterprise, blowing up the Enterprise and various other mischief. When a mysterious alien probe shows up and begins wreaking havoc all across the planet, Kirk and the gang realize that they must travel through time to save their planet, for the key to Earth’s future lies in its own past! Directed by Leonard Nimoy and produced by Harve Bennett, this fan-favorite entry in the Star Trek film series features great action and character moments for the entire cast, as well as a healthy dose of pitch-perfect humor and…more importantly…quotable lines!

That’s right, Trekkies! Shout out all of the movie’s best lines right along with the characters! Take the voyage!


This year’s Starfest Convention will be held the weekend of April 17-19 at the Marriott Hotel – Denver Technical Center. If you’re attending, we hope you’ll join us for this little cinematic gabfest, during which we will honor and celebrate the recently and dearly departed Leonard Nimoy and Harve Bennett.

If you’re not able to make the movie, at least swing by our table to say “Howdy!” at some point during the weekend.

Be there!


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