24: ROGUE, by David Mack: Comin’ at ya in September!

One of my partners in crimes against the written word, the redoubtable David Mack, was able to offer up some great news to his readers and fans: Tor/Forge Books and Fox Licensing have approved his manuscript for Rogue, his forthcoming novel set in the world of 24 and everybody’s favorite counter terrorist bad-ass, Jack Bauer.

Meanwhile, the good folks at Tor/Forge have also offered up the book’s final cover, which is rather tasty all by itself. Behold, yo:


Go check out the full details over at Dave’s blog:

DavidMack.pro – 24: Rogue has an approved cover!

(Hmm…It occurs to me as I read back that first section that both “readers” and “fans” might’ve been redundant, up there. On the other hand, it’s possible–even likely–that Mr. Mack has fans of his other pursuits which have nothing at all to do with his writing. His wine making, for example. Or his side job as a belly dancer. So, I’m gonna leave that as is, for now.)

24-deadline-coverWe’re still waiting to see the cover jacket copy, so the particulars of Jack’s latest adventure set between “Day 8” and Live Another Day remain classified, for the time being. What I can tell you is that Rogue is set after the events of James Swallow’s novel from last fall, Deadline, in the period when Jack is on the run from pretty much everybody on Earth following the events of the television show’s eighth season. Before he made his way to London in order to Live Another Day, Jack….kept busy. 🙂

24: Rogue will be on sale in trade paperback and various electronic book editions on or about September 8th, so I’d pre-order now, if I were you.

Elsewhere in the Jackosphere, my own 24 novel remains in a state of gestation. As I indicated yesterday in my monthly wrap-up post, I have been asked by the Fox Licensing folks to take Jack in “a different direction” than the one I had originally planned. I’m actually rather excited by this idea, and both Fox and my editor are also very keen on it. This has caused a bit of rethink so far as my story idea, but I believe it’s all for the better, and I’m jazzed about diving back into the story in the coming weeks.

But forget about that. You’ve got Deadline to keep you busy until Rogue comes out, so go out and support my buds, whydontcha?

Lay it on me.

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