It’s time for an “Ask Dayton” open thread, because…I got nuthin’.

It’s been a bit since the last time I did this, and since it’s something of a quiet Friday afternoon and I’m alternating between the story-in-progress and a few other things, to say nothing of having received an influx of followers here as well as over at Facebook and Twitter, why not? Amirite?

This little exercise is not to be confused with the “Ask Dayton” bit that I do every so often over at the G&T Show. The guy who answers those queries is a rather curmudgeonly fellow who likes to growl and snap his way through all sorts of oddball questions the show’s listeners like to throw at him, and which sometimes but not always begets a response that’s kinda sorta funny. Maybe. Sure, that guy looks like me, sounds like me, and has the same name as me, but we’re two totally different people. Honest. He’s like a mirror universe doppelgänger, but as is the case with however many of me there are within all of the countless parallel realities believed to exist, he can’t grow a decent goatee to save his ass.

All right, then, here’s the deal: Ask me anything, if you’re so inclined, and I’ll do my best to provide a brief yet thoughtful answer. If I can’t conjure such a reply, you’ll instead receive a wise-assed comment, created especially for you!

(Though likely written by that other guy. I’m the nice one, remember.)

Asker’s choice, so far as the topic goes, though I reserve the right not to answer anything I deem too personal or inappropriate for this particular venue. Despite setting up this rule, I’ve never actually had to invoke it, but it never hurts to make such things clear up front.

Okey-dokey, then. Who’s got a question?



23 thoughts on “It’s time for an “Ask Dayton” open thread, because…I got nuthin’.

  1. What’s your favorite shitty episode of Star Trek? Every fan has that one episode that’s universally reviled by everyone else…except them.

    One condition: you can’t pick one from the original series.


    1. I don’t think it’s universally reviled, but apparently I’m in a minority of folks who liked “Bride of Chaotica!” from Voyager.

      Also, I’ll watch the JJ flicks even though they make TrueFan(tm) heads explode, because while they’re weak Trek movies, they’re decent action films.


      1. Wait, Captain Proton fans are in the minority?! You’ve got to be kidding, those episodes (especially “Bride”) were great! I was under the impression that most fans loved ’em, and it was everything else on Voyager they hated. Weird.

        Movies are a totally different question. My TrueFan(tm) cred must be a joke, since I enjoyed Nemesis. 😉


  2. A friend of mine stated that STAR TREK is SciFi because it is based on a form of “scientific” fiction. He teases me for preferring the STAR WARS films because he believes that series is fantasy since they deal with “The Force.”

    So tell us, Dayton; what is the difference between SciFi and Fantasy?


    1. Does it have spaceships, robots, and/or other futuristic gizmos? I call it science fiction.

      Does it have dragons or orcs or elves or hours and hours of people wandering around fighting dragons or orcs or elves? I call it fantasy.

      Does Star Wars ride that line? Yep. Do I care? Not really.

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    1. Dude! That’s like asking me to choose between my children! 🙂

      I can say, however, that the most fun I’ve had (so far) writing a particular novel was From History’s Shadow. That was something of a pet project I’d been wanting to do for years, and my editor let me go crazy with it.


  3. In your opinion, would a new series based on the original ST timeline (set in in, for example, the period after the Dominion War) have a chance at seeing daylight, or are all future series now inevitably tied to the J. J. Abrams timeline?


    1. Speaking as an uninformed observer, my gut feeling is that the “prime timeline” is probably done, at least on screen. With the success of the reboot (hardcore fan teeth gnashing notwithstanding), I can see them perhaps spinning something out of that setup, or going with even another reimagining.

      But I definitely think that–whatever form it takes–Trek is best served on television rather than film.


  4. When I was in junior high school (1975 or so), I saw an episode of Space 1999 that I think was “Dragon’s Domain”. I recall an octopus-like creature eating crewmen. At the time I thought it was a great episode, but I have not seen it since. Have you seen this one? Was it as good of an episode as I remember?


    1. I pretty much get to do that, anyway. 🙂

      I do have ideas for such stories, and a few of them may be coming to a book near you soon, so I don’t want to give too much away just yet 🙂


        1. The stories I did for Strange New Worlds all pick up very soon after scenes in films or TV episodes, and From History’s Shadow starts about a week after “Assignment: Earth.”

          I’d have to give it some thought, because I’m sure there are plenty of episodes I could treat in similar fashion…… 🙂


    1. For any ships I might use which aren’t already established somewhere in Trek lore (including other books, comics, games, etc), I’ll look to something or someone from history. If it’s an alien ship, I’ll play around with names that sound as though they might be consistent with that culture, etc.


  5. Why does Pocket shy away from producing novels, set during the 24th century, that occur during the TV series they represent? I’d love to read a new TNG season 4 story, or DS9 during the Dominion War. Voyager and the Vidiians.

    While I used to buy all the novels, now I only buy TOS, cause they’re pretty much all in-series.


    1. The simple answer seems to be “Sales.”

      The “continuing adventures” set after the TV shows and films apparently sell better. TOS, on the other hand, is all over the place with respect to what “works.”

      I don’t know if this is actually happening, but I’ve heard rumors that the e-Book novellas might expand a bit, and perhaps offer opportunities for such tales.

      Personally, I have a couple of ideas for “during the series” TNG stories…if I can just get to them. 🙂


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