Announcing PANGAEA: A new SF anthology that needs YOU!

My friend Michael Jan Friedman is causing mischief. You know…again.

pangaea-logoAfter successful crowdfunding efforts to support two of his previous projects (those being I Am the Salamander and Lost Days), Mike’s decided to try something a bit different. In addition to developing a new SF concept in which he can play, he’s also enlisted the help of other writers to help him breathe a bit of life into his latest creative endeavor: Pangaea.

What’s it all about? Well, from the words of Mr. Friedman himself:

At least four times in Earth’s history, the continents have come sliding together. Over millions of years, separate and distinct landmasses have crawled  across the planet’s surface on immense tectonic plates to form a single mass–a super-continent. Geologists have dubbed the most recent such formation Pangaea.

Of course, Pangaea broke up a long time ago, and because it did, mankind developed in drastically different climes and circumstances. But what if we twenty-first century types were living in one of the super-continental periods–those characterized by “lid tectonics” rather than “plate tectonics?” What would it be like if all of humanity was confined to a single landmass…and had been so confined for all of our recorded history?

That’s the ever-so-tantalizing axis on which our Pangaea anthology turns.

Sounds pretty cool, amirite?

As with I Am the Salamander and Lost Days, Mike is once again turning to Kickstarter in a quest to secure some modest funding for this newest effort. There naturally are a number of rewards and add-on incentives to be had…far too many to describe here without resorting to copying and pasting everything Mike took the time to write. So, let’s just point you to Pangaea‘s Kickstarter page:

Pangaea, by Museworthy, Inc.

Of possible interest to readers of this space: Pangaea marks the first time I’ll be participating in a project that’s seeking crowdfunding. Mike approached Kevin and me about contributing a story to the anthology, and because he’s on a very short list of people for whom I’d throw in on something like this, I of course said, “Heck yeah!” We’re very excited to be included with the roster of writers he’s assembled for this effort. Check out this line-up, y’all:

Michael Burstein
Adam-Troy Castro
Russ Colchamiro
Peter David
Michael Jan Friedman
Robert Greenberger
Glenn Hauman
Paul Kupperberg
Kelly Meding
Aaron Rosenberg
Lawrence M. Schoen
Geoffrey Thorne

And then me and Kevin, because you know…somebody has to park the cars, and stuff.

I’m proud to call several of the folks on this list friends, so you know I’m already thinking this is gonna be fun, and hey! You can help! Check out Pangaea‘s Kickstarter page, and if it sounds like something you want to support, please pledge as you see fit.

Thanks to Mike for inviting us to play, and here’s hoping we can spin you all some crazy new tales.


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