Novel Spaces – “Write More Than One Story At A Time? That’s Crazy!”

writerHey, what do you know? It’s the 16th. Again.

It can only mean (among other things), that it’s once again my turn in the spotlight over at the Novel Spaces blog!

This month, I offer a bit of insight into what I can tentatively describe as my “new normal.” At least, I hope that’s the case, because so far, this “writing full-time” thing is proving to be fun. For one thing, I now have so much more time and energy to devote to writing, rather than giving it the leftovers after working all day. While it’s true that I’ve only a been at it a few short months, so far? Thinks are lookin’ goooooood, Mister Kotter!


Novel Spaces – “Write More Than One Story At A Time? That’s Crazy!”

Are you a writer who works on more than one thing at a time, or do you prefer to focus all of your intentions on a single story until it’s “done?” If you do work on multiple projects, what are your tips and tricks for keeping the various trains on their tracks?

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2 thoughts on “Novel Spaces – “Write More Than One Story At A Time? That’s Crazy!”

  1. I normally don’t trying to work on more than one project at a time. At the moment, though, I am trying an experiment– I’m creating a chapter every week or so on my blog for a new fantasy novel, while I continue to work, laboriously, on a science-fiction novel, which I consider my main work in progress. I started the in-blog novel in part because of my frustration at my slow progress on the sci-fi story. The only way I’ve been able to do it is to tag-team the stories– I posted a chapter of the fantasy yesterday, so today it’s my WiP. The jury’s out whether this is crazy enough to work, or just crazy.


    1. I find that having more than one thing in the hopper also helps when I hit a stumbling block on a particular story. If I need to take a break from one thing, I just move over to something else, and then go and forth as needed. At least then I’m still making productive use of the writing time.


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