Dayton & Kevin’s 2015 Convention Stalking Guide.

So, 2015’s convention season is starting to heat up, at least for me and Kevin. We don’t typically do very many cons each year, but there are a couple we always try to attend, along with a few others we’re always game to attend if schedules and planets align in proper fashion.

At this early point on the calendar, we have a handful of tentative dates already slotted.  Nothing’s been confirmed, one way or the other, but it’s our sincere intention to lower property values at the following locales during 2015:

Planet Comicon – March 13-15 – Kansas City, Missouri
We’ve been attending this show as guests for the last few years, and for years before that we’d go just as normal, ticket-buying folk. This con seems to be getting bigger every year, and the people running it are doing an amazing job making sure they don’t get too big too fast, as we see other shows do from time to time. The show promoters have been sure to assemble a nice mix of guests, including an impressive array of comics talent. For the price, it’s one of the better shows of its size I’ve seen. This year, I’m told the showrunner has some new stuff he wants Kevin and me to do, which sounds like it could be fun, you know….provided I don’t have to get naked, or anything.

Starfest 2015 – April 17-19 – Denver, Colorado
One of our very favorite cons, Kevin and I likely will be making our thirteenth annual trip to Denver to hang with the Starland gang. To be honest, the trip has become as much “family reunion” as it is convention, as we’ve made so many friends there over the years, and each new con brings with it the chance to make new friends, or put faces to names we encounter over the internet.

Comic-Con International – July 9-12 – San Diego, California
Does this con really require an introduction? Kevin will be at this one, acting in his capacity as a representative of Hallmark Cards. If the writer gods are kind, he may also participate in a book signing or two, and perhaps even the odd panel.

Shore Leave 33 – August 7-9 – Hunt Valley, Maryland
Another show we make every effort to attend, mostly because it’s one of the few media cons of this size that also caters to a large list of author guests. Pocket Books and the Star Trek fiction cabal is usually well-represented, but there are also several other writer guests who show up every year and who have loyal followings. It’s three days of jam-packed programming, after which my current plan is to spend a week with the wife and kids sight-seeing in and around the DC area.

New York Comic-Con – October 8-11 – New York ‘Effin City
It’s the smaller, feistier version of the San Diego con. As with that one, Kevin will be working his ass off on behalf of Hallmark. Book signings and panels possible, depending on his schedule. I haven’t completely written off the possibility of attending this one, myself, but it’s still too early for me to know for sure. Stay tuned.

And there you go. The list is, once again, tentative and subject to change, additions, or even deletions.

So, if you plan to be at any of these cons, maybe we’ll see you there!

kevin-dayton-sl2010(Photo Credit: Jen Snyder)


5 thoughts on “Dayton & Kevin’s 2015 Convention Stalking Guide.

  1. Have you ever been to Dragon Con in Atlanta? My old Boss lives in Atlanta, I used to kid him when he went home for Labor Day weekend that he might run into some Stormtoopers or Jedi Knights. They won’t have to share the weekend with NASCAR this year.


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