“Ten for Ward” #14 at StarTrek.com: 10 Favorite Childhood Star Trek Toys.

Let’s get the new year kicked off in proper fashion, shall we? Amirite? Awwww, yeah.

My friends over at StarTrek.com, who generally have decent taste in website material, have nevertheless given me free reign of the place so that I might occasionally pollute their digital realm with all manner of stylized blatherings. The result of this online equivalent of writing on a truck stop restroom wall is a little something I like to call “Ten for Ward.”

For those of you who are new to the Fog and need an explanation, here’s the deal: Every so often, I’m invited to provide a list of ten favorite (and hopefully interesting) Trek-related whatevers based on…well…whatever I can come up with whenever my editor pulls my chain and asks for a new column.

For this latest installment and since we’re still getting over Christmas 2014, I went and listed ten of my favorite Star Trek toys from my distant childhood (pipe down. It’s not that distant). I have many fond memories in this regard, as I grew up at a time when Star Trek primarily was a source of great fun, rather than an endless stream of annoying internet arguments over crap like what’s “canon” or what constitutes a “real fan” or whatever. sit.

What did I end up with?

Ten for Ward #14 – Ten Favorite Childhood Star Trek Toys


As is always the case with these columns, mine is not intended to be a “definitive” list or a rundown of “the best,” and I invite you to offer up your own favorites in the comments section, either here or over at StarTrek.com. Even though I go to great lengths to say all of tha here and in the actual article, someone will always take me to task because I didn’t include something they feel deserves mentioning. Maybe we’ll break the pattern, this time.

Stop laughing.

You can also check out all of my “Ten for Ward” columns just by clicking on this logo-ish looking thing right here:

Okay, now it’s your turn to hit me with your favorite childhood Star Trek toys and other bits of nostalgia. Who had what?

6 thoughts on ““Ten for Ward” #14 at StarTrek.com: 10 Favorite Childhood Star Trek Toys.

  1. Gotta be the Playmates Borg Cube. I wanted that thing bad, but never got my hands on it until later in life. (And I loved that it later became an in-universe prop thanks to Voyager.)


  2. I used to live nearly across the street from the Mego factory in Bohemia on Long Island. Did lots of dumpster diving looking for rejects – that is until they put up a fence and hired a security guard, then it became a challenge.


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