Blog musings with a new year upon us.

You may have noticed that I’ve got this blog-type-thing, here.

Every so often, I give thought as to how I might spice up the joint. I’m not talking so much about the layout (though that, too, has occupied a few wayward brain cells) so much as I am the content.

My deal has always been rather scattershot; I don’t tend to favor any one type of topic, and while one obvious main focus is me promoting my writing, I’m always careful not to overdo that side of things. I’m not particularly fond of people who use blogs and other social media platforms largely if not exclusively as different cogs in their self-promotion machine. If every post, every Facebook update, and/or every Tweet is seemingly nothing more than some flavor of you trying to get me to sample or buy any of your shit, I end up tuning you out, at least until I work up the gumption to simply remove you from my feed.

So, yeah. I don’t want to be that guy.


Generally speaking, I always try for a healthy mix of blog fodder. Little to none of it is of any real import; it’s basically me just babbling about whatever tickles my fancy on any given day. Looking back at the past year or so of posts, I see a fairly decent spectrum of stuff. So far as my writing “career” goes, there’s the monthly writing progress updates, announcements about new projects or something finally making it to shelves. Elsewhere, the occasional gushing over the kids, the odd story/story excerpt or Q&A thread, infrequent yammering about something in the news or how fandom sometimes makes me smile (or laugh…or roll my eyes), or about this or that when I’m feelin’ nostalgic, and so on.

I don’t even really rant like I used to. What the hell happened there? Damn. I must be mellowing with age, or something.

Counting back to the days when I had a Blogger account, I’ve been blogging (or faking same) on a regular basis for well over a decade now. Before that, I had pages on my original website that functioned as a rudimentary journal/update page. I think we can agree that very little from this collection of…well, whatever the hell it is…likely will be remembered next week, let alone years from now when somebody draws a short straw and for reasons surpassing understanding is tasked with compiling information about my so-called writing career. Still, it’s a fun diversion for me, and allows me to connect with friends and people who like my work.

There are those who proclaim “Blogging is dead!” and that’s been supplanted by fleeting missives communicated via Facebook or Twitter or whatever will soon come along that requires you to offer up some sort of focused thought in 10 characters or less, or just via selfies with a range of different facial expressions. I’m not really buying into any of that, and besides, I like a place where I can ramble unchecked.

With that in mind, I’m at least hoping that whatever you find when you stumble over here is entertaining and/or informative to some degree, and worth the time and effort you expend by making the trip in the first place.

Therefore, with such a simple goal established…what do you want to see here?

What am I doing right?

What would you want to see more of?

What’s not working for ya?

Do you want your money back?

Wait…this shit is supposed to be free? Okay. Um, let’s just keep that between us, all right?

Anyway, I’m not looking to supplant any of the Really Cool Blogs out there, or even join their ranks, but those of you who follow me with any regularity do so for some reason or another, and I’m genuinely interested in what makes or which might continue to make the visit worth your while.

And since we’re still early enough in the year for such things, I hope your 2015 is a great one.

We now return you to your lives, already in progress.


7 thoughts on “Blog musings with a new year upon us.

  1. I’m the same, always trying to reorganize the content of my blogs, never happy with the look, constantly changing themes, CSS and whatnot, like every five freakin’ minutes. Actually, I’m way worse than you, as I suffer badly from severe OCD crap and terminal indecisiveness. I run far too many blogs and FB groups, and I’m involved way too much in other social networking and forums. I really, REALLY need to off-load a lot of that, drastically reduce my involvement in social networking and forums, and, most of all, reduce the number of blogs to at least two or even one, and consolidate all my blog posting there, hopefully combining everything in my Tales of Time & Space blog. But my screwy OCD brain won’t let me stick to one thing, although I definitely have cut back on Facebook quite a bit, and cut down from six blogs to four. Now to try and get rid of another one or even two blogs, if possible. Take deep breaths, a little bit at a time… 🙂


    1. I can’t even imagine having to maintain more than one blog. I do write guest posts for other blogs, but this is the only one I have for myself. Anything more would likely drive me bonkers.


      1. Yeah, it drives me bonkers as well. I’m slowly reducing the number of blogs, but I’m constantly fighting against my not-so-better nature, which would have me create separate blogs for every subject that I like and consider important enough to differentiate from everything else. If I could find a way to organize content, categories, etc so that there is a rigidly defined set of subsections within a single blog for the different subjects, I might be content. But the way the tags are all lumped in together drives me mad. I need separate sets of tags for separate subjects! Damned OCD. Arrrgh!!! My mates just laugh at me and say “Who gives a damn about that?” and I shout back “I do!!!” 🙂


  2. About the only thing I’ve done to my blog was to start a new general blog. I got burnt out writing the first one, so I took a short break, retooled, made the 1st one an archive of sorts, and started a 2nd general one. I do have four others, but mostly they were for a few side topics (photos and R/NC-17 content) and a couple of different book blogs (mostly to get around Facebook jail).

    As for here, I rather enjoy a blog that touches upon a myriad of topics as opposed to just a singular topic (there are two exceptions to that rule, and you participate in one of them). About the only change I can think of is to move a few of your very good FB rants to here.


    1. Hmm….you raise a good point. When I do rant, it’s on FB. Not sure why that is, other than perhaps I seem to get more interaction/responses there than here for those sorts of things. Obviously I’m looking to generate discussion in those cases….and maybe even poke the occasional bear. 😀


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