Bucs Blog! 2014 Season, Week 16.

How irritating is the Bucs offense? Zeus shot lightning at Raymond James Stadium, which I suppose is the godly equivalent of throwing a brick at your TV.


Packers 20 – Bucs 3

Dear Green Bay: You should send Tampa a nice fruit basket, now that your team has secured a playoff berth after running roughshod over the hapless Buccaneers. You’re welcome.

Meanwhile, the most interesting news story to come out of the New Sombrero had nothing to do with the game, and instead the freak lightning strike that hit outside the stadium afterward. Though there thankfully were no deaths, seven people (at last count) sustained injuries and were taken to a nearby hospital. Here’s hoping that those folks will all be okay and home to their families in time for Christmas.

Before all of that, those few fans still willing to venture to the stadium to watch a game live and in living color–along with a sizable pro-Green Bay contingent–were treated to what might well have been the Bucs’ most anemic outing of the season. And that’s saying something.

Quarterback Josh McCown–when he wasn’t getting sacked one of the seven times he was planted by the Green Bay defense–was able to guide his team to a paltry 109 yards of total offense. You understand that we’re at the time of year when most of us walk farther than that just trying to cross a parking lot to get to a shopping mall. Given the way so many idiots drive, I’d wager it’s at least as hazardous, to boot. Anyway, compare the Bucs’ offense production to the Packers’ 121 yards on the ground and Aaron Rodgers’ 318 yards in the air. Yikes. Tampa’s measly three points came just in time to close out the first half, after which the Bucs would’ve been better off cruising over to Hooters in time to get good seats to watch the afternoon games.

The biggest laugh I got on the day was the update that Tampa, with its 2-13 record going into the final week of the regular season, is in a five-way competition to receive the first overall pick for next year’s draft. Well, it’s good to have goals.

The Bucs will close out their season next week against the New Orleans Saints, who have ceded the NFC South Division title to the Carolina Panthers, who managed to pull off that feat despite a losing record. They just had the best losing record in the division. Anyway, the Saints’ playoff hopes are hanging by a fraying thread, and they’ll need a win along with some other miracles to happen around the league next weekend if they’re to extend their season.

I wonder if the Bucs will be watching any of that at Hooters.


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