Today is a good day to drink.

Well, really, any day is a good day to drink. I don’t necessarily do that every day, you understand. There are evenings when I just feel like having a nightcap to put a lid on a given day, and then there are the times when I really wished vodka would just stream from my kitchen faucet.

But, I sense I’m already beginning to stray a bit. Anyway….

For Star Trek fans who also fancy the occasional indulgence, today indeed is a good day to drink. Why? Because the gods of libation have seen fit to bestow upon us mere mortals yet another Trek-themed alcoholic beverage. Behold, onlookers:

bloodwine Today Is A Good Day to Enjoy Klingon Bloodwine

This new selection comes to us from Votto Vines, the same company that has been offering wines in bottles featuring the Star Trek poster art of Juan Ortiz. According to the piece, this new Klingon Bloodwine “is a medium-bodied red blend of Malbec, Syrah and Petit Verdot from the Paso Robles AVA in California.”

I have no idea what that means.

What I do understand is this part: “A 2012 vintage, it can be enjoyed with grillled meats and mature cheeses, or such traditional Klingon fare as Heart of Targ.”

I’m no expert, but I’m guessing this will be the perfect companion drink when we all gather around the fire and sing songs of our great battles. Or, roast marshmallows. You know, whatever. As for the wine, I assume it also goes well with chicken wings. Here’s hoping.

Now, I have to say that this is like the third or fourth Trekbooze-type thing I’ve missed out on. We’ve had Vulcan Ale and Klingon Warnog courtesy of the Federation of Beer, who also provided a limited edition “Orion Sindicate” Lager to the recent Destination Star Trek convention in London. I’m sure there’s something else I’m missing, and I can’t help feeling as though I’m getting pimped on this deal. Granted, I also tried the Romulan Ale and the previous Klingon Bloodwine at the late and very much lamented Star Trek: The Experience attraction in Las Vegas, but those have gone the way of the dodo.

Note to CBS Consumer Products: I’m still available for all taste-testing of themed alcoholic beverages. It’s a risky job, I know, but I’m willing to undertake such hazardous duty for the sake of all Star Trek fandom. Call me, or just authorize air drops into my AO, all right?

Lay it on me.

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