“Clark Templeton O’Flaherty” on Cyborgs: A Bionic Podcast!

Hey! What do you know? It’s time for some more of that sweet bionic action!

That’s right, it’s yet another freshly-squeezed episode of the 2014 Parsec Award-winning Cyborgs: A Bionic Podcast. Hosts John S. Drew and Paul K. Bisson are running in slow motion yet again, forging ahead with their more or less bi-weekly review of The Six Million Dollar Man television series. Their look back at the show’s third season marches on, and for this latest installment they’re joined by bionic guru and The Six 1973 webmaster Joe Burns as they revisit the season’s thirteenth episode, “Clark Templeton O’Flaherty.”

From John’s write-up:

“There’s a spy within the walls of the O.S.I. stealing top secret material meant for shredding. How is the data getting out? Steve is put on the case to find the culprit and his first suspect is the janitor, Clark Templeton O’Flaherty. If this is true, who’s going to play handball with Steve now? Louis Gosset, Jr. guests stars in this unusual episode.”

That’s right. Before An Officer and A Gentleman, before Iron Eagle, before Firewalker, Lou Gosset, Jr. was Oscar Goldman’s janitor. How ’bout dem apples?

Tune in to see what John, Paul, and Joe thought of the episode: Cyborgs: A Bionic Podcast – “Clark Templeton O’Flaherty”

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