Bucs Blog! 2014 Season, Week 12.

I’m starting to think the Bucs won’t make the post-season.


Bears 21 – Bucs 13

To their credit, the Bucs were leading 10-0 at halftime after seeming to have Chicago’s number in the early going, which would’ve been great if the game could have ended there. However, that silly NFL with their rules and stuff, requires the teams to play out the other fifty percent of the game, which is pretty much when the wheels came off whatever train Tampa had rolling.

Three–count ’em–three turnovers on successive drives in the third quarter, two fumbles and the second of two interceptions thrown by Bucs quarterback Josh McCown, did much to upend whatever plans for winning the game Tampa may have harbored. Damn shame, too, as statistically the Bucs actually had almost all of it over Chicago. Almost, because of course the Bears ended up leading in the only statistic that truly matters.

So, you know…whoops.

Though the loss snaps Tampa’s 1-game winning streak (Sorry. I couldn’t resist putting that there) and drops them to 2-9 on the season, there amazingly still exists scenarios which could see the Bucs climb their way to the top of the NFC South. They’re only two games behind the current division leaders, pending the outcome of New Orleans’ game tonight, with five games to go.

That’s simply mind-boggling.

Next up for the Bucs? At home to face the Cincinnati Bengals, who are in a dogfight of their own for control of the far more exciting AFC North Division. Every game for them at this point is critical, so the Bengals will be hungry when they wander into the New Sombrero.

Time to nut up, Tampa.


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