Dayton’s Foggy Little Holiday Marketplace of People Who Make Stuff!


Every year, the big stores flood us with ads on multiple platforms to come in and walk off our Thanksgiving feasts in order to spend gobs of cash on all sorts of shit we don’t need.

Okay, yes, there are times when a larger television is required, and naturally there are presents to be purchased for family and friends, but is any of that stuff really worth the headache of getting up at zero dark thirty and shuffling to some mall or department store so that you can be at the head of the pack once the running of the bulls doorbuster sales begin?

Meanwhile, independent merchants and freelance artisans of every stripe tend to get overlooked during the holiday shopping season. A good number of my friends write, draw, compose, knit, sew, or otherwise create all manner of things with their own hands and sweat, after which they try to sell some of those creations in the hopes of making a few bucks to show for their effort, and maybe even pay some bills.

Though my online presence doesn’t have nearly the range or volume as other folks toodling about the web, I’ve decided not to let that stop me from offering a place for the readers of my blog who perhaps have something they might be selling somewhere, be it on the web, out of their garage, or maybe even in some small shop. If any of that describes you–writer, artist, musician, game developer, clothing maker, whatever–then consider this your invitation to play along! All you have to do to get in on the action is post your info in the comments section.

Here are the simple guidelines for participating in Dayton’s Foggy Little Holiday Marketplace of People Who Make Stuff (DFLHMoPWMS, if you’re looking for something easier to pronounce):

  1. There is no cost or “entry fee” to participate.

  2. Please keep it brief. Don’t dump your flyer(s) into a comment. Instead, give us a quick description of yourself and your book, comic, graphic novel, game, toy, garment, whatever, and include links to where said item can be found (your website, online store or other store info, etc.).

  3. Borrowing an idea I’ve seen in a couple of other places, take a moment to promote another indie creator. Once you’re done pimping yourself, spread the love for one of your fellow artists. Offer up a link to that person’s website, online store, etc.

  4. Please don’t pimp me to satisfy #3.

  5. If you’re reading this via Facebook or Twitter, please don’t leave your linky info/etc. there. Put it down in the comments, yo.

  6. Spread the word, and invite others to post their info here. I’ll be posting the link back to this page as we move on through the rest of the month and December.

  7. If you’re not sure whether your particular creation is appropriate for this space (for whatever reason), contact me via email at daytonward AT att DOT net, and we’ll see if we can’t work something out. I’m actually hoping to see a nice cross-section of stuff.

  8. I reserve the right to delete entries to anything I feel *is* inappropriate for this space. I’m willing to be accommodating in most respects, but I’ll trust folks to use common sense if linking to something that might not be for the kiddies.

Any questions? Hit me in the comments, or via email.

Let the pimping commence!


19 thoughts on “Dayton’s Foggy Little Holiday Marketplace of People Who Make Stuff!

  1. I’d like to pimp the wares of my pop culture t-shirt shop, Kwam’s Rant Shop, and particularly for DW, the Star Trek section. Yes, I’ve designed all the t-shirts and other stuff myself!

    I’d also like to recommend the amazing Easy stylings of Fanatic Creations where I got kick-ass engraved Avengers and Star Trek rings.


  2. I’d like to share the Etsy shop for my and the husbeast’s glass shop, Einini Glassworks. We have all sorts of stained glass and mosaic pieces at a variety of pricepoints.

    I’d also like to recommend my friend Charlotte’ jewelry shop, where she has a ton of gorgeous pieces including wrapped wire gem necklaces.

    Also, For some awesomely surrealist decor, visit the shop for Steven Archer’s art (He’s also in Ego Likeness, who make pretty amazing music)


  3. Instead of pimping one of my novels, here’s one that needs some love. Its a fun short I co-wrote recently, very much our take on TOS Star Trek. We hope to do more of these, featuring Captain William Kirn.

    And an anthology I contributed to featuring Harlan Ellison and Alan Dean Foster, with proceeds going to The National Center For Missing And Exploited Children


  4. I’d like to recommend Literary Underworld, an author cooperative selling books together in the thin hope that we might sell more working as a team than each on our own. (Full disclosure: I run it as head zookeeper). Most are traditionally published, all are awesome. My stuff is all available there, including the out-of-print stuff you can only get from me or a few select bookstores that are awesome. LitUnd is offering free shipping this week:

    Elsewhere, my photo art site is also offering free shipping with the code FREESHIP14. My photography was just a hobby in which I indulged while traveling around on book tours, but it’s grown into its own thing. New this year: posters! And yes, I can do any sort of custom work you’d like.

    As for someone else… look to Branson’s General Store, a brother-sister operation who are dear friends of mine and do amazing work. He does hand-carved leather items of all kinds; she does soaps and chocolates in awesome geek shapes. I have eaten of the chocolate Death Star, and it was GOOD. 🙂 They do custom work, too.


  5. Hi!

    Thank you, Dayton, for this opportunity!

    I’d like to pimp my book, Untrustworthy! I am a first-time author – it’s an LGBT dystopian science fiction novel with all-too familiar themes of greed, corruption, control, and prejudice set against an alien backdrop.

    I am more than happy to recommend a fellow indie author, Ashlyn Forge. Ashlyn writes a ton of terrific fantasy and it’s often with an LGBT focus.



  6. Greetings all, Bazag here.

    I’d like to pimp out my new (and first) self-published book. It’s called “Karver: Failed Expectations” and is currently available through a wide number of eBook retailers. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple Books and many more. If you have an eReader it’s available in your official store as well as a wide range of others.

    It’s a look at a guy called John Karver who has big mental problems because of a war-time mission that went horrendously and horrifically wrong. Explore with him ancient mayan ruins, a magic mystical spear and a drug cartel as we explore expectations and people’s failure to meet those. You can buy it here:

    I would have pimped Janet Gershen-Seigels stuff but she had beaten me here. So, um, check out Trek United and their forums. Website coming soon apparently.


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