Novel Spaces – “Taking the Plunge”

writerHey! It’s the 16th again! Didn’t we just do this, like, a month ago, or something? Anyway, you know that it means, right? It’s my turn in the queue over at the Novel Spaces blog!

This time around, I talk a bit about my recent decision to pursue writing full-time. Granted, being laid off from my regular day job helped with that decision, but it was my wife who convinced me that I didn’t really need to go set up shop in some other IT cubicle farm. Indeed, she preferred that I didn’t, because she knew it was not something I’d find fulfilling, and she wanted me to stop being a grumpy ass all the time as a consequence of sleep deprivation and constantly chasing writing deadlines in and around the demands of my “real job.” The result? As I say over there,  I’ve cast aside caution, dared to spit into the wind, and taken the plunge….

Novel Spaces – “Taking the Plunge”

And what I said about sleeping more (and better), having more free time for the family, and generally being less grumpy? It’s all true.

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