Older novels you’d love to see receive audio adaptations?

Caution: Rambling Ahead.

Longtime followers of this space know I dig my audiobooks. I’ve yammered about that on occasion, such as when I’ve listed favorites, including some Trek ones. Audiobooks became a listening habit back when I was commuting to and from work every day, and I still prefer them over listening to music or talk radio when I’m driving here and there.

The other day while wandering a bookstore, I happened across an “MP3 CD” edition of David Morrell’s classic novel First Blood. What I found interesting was that it was a recent production, released in 2011 by Brilliance Audio. That’s almost forty years after Morrell’s novel was first published, and thirty years after the Sylvester Stallone film.

firstbloodaudioI ended up getting the audio out of curiosity, and because I’d not revisited the novel in years and years. This also started me thinking about older novels which either never had an audio edition released, or else any audio book version that did come about was abridged–often savagely–due to the constraints of the cassette format. CDs alleviated this restriction somewhat, and digital downloads even more so.

What older novels would I like to see get the audio treatment, or an unabridged redo? Or, maybe they did way back when, and it’s out of print and therefore in need of re-releasing? Off the top of my head?

Vertical Run – Joseph R. Garber (previously done as an abridged version)
Cyborg – Martin Caidin
The Right Stuff – Tom Wolfe (out of print)
Raise the Titanic! – Clive Cussler (out of print)
Alien and Aliens (novelizations) – Alan Dean Foster

And, course, a handful of other Trek titles.

No, none of the titles listed will ever be mistaken for great literature (though each are classics or “classics” in their own way), but they’re all stories I enjoy revisiting on occasion, and figure would make for nice leisure listening. I could list more, but we’d be here all day and I’ve got shit to do.

So, enough of my mindless babbling. Anybody else have an Audiobook Wish List? It’s not just me, right? Anyone? Bueller?


6 thoughts on “Older novels you’d love to see receive audio adaptations?

  1. i’ve never really gotten into audiobooks. because usually when i read, i’ve got my own “audiobook” kind of thing going on in my head. someone called it “mental tv” which i think is a good description.


  2. I used to listen to audiobooks back in the day when I worked the overnight at a convenience store. In those pre-multiple channel cable t.v. days, there wasn’t a hell of a lot to do on my days off besides go bowling at 3a, so I would listen to audiobooks. I’m thinking about listening to them again as our local bargain basement store has a slew of them on sale for $3.99.


    1. I find the occasional gem at places like Half Price Books. I also download the occasional title from Audible.com, but normally I wait for some kind of sale or special deal before pulling that trigger.


    1. The last two films were novelized by Alan Dean Foster, and the novels he wrote were also adapted for unabridged audio. The first one was read by Zachary Quinto, and Into Darkness was read by Alice Eve.


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