G and T Book Club: From History’s Shadow!

20130421-081940.jpgBecause it’s been, like, not even a week or so since I told you about my last incident of disjointed rambling I committed, and which was recorded by some innocent bystanders, right?

This time, I join Steve, Terry, and Mike from one of my favorite online hangouts, the G and T Show, for an installment of their supplemental podcast feature, “The Book of the Celestial Temple Book Club.” For this latest outing, the gang chose my Star Trek novel from 2013, From History’s Shadow.

We talk about how the book’s origins, secret and otherwise (for example: my original pitch was for a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel, rather than the original series), the amount of research involved, keeping everything straight as I carried out the actual writing, how crazy said research and writing made me and how much my alcohol intake increased during said research and writing, and so on.

In truth, I had a lot of fun writing this particular book; far more than should be considered legal or even healthy, in fact. It was something I’d been wanting to do for a long, long time, and I’m grateful to my editors at Pocket Books for indulging me. While the level of research and marrying up of Star Trek “history” and real history isn’t something I’d be keen to do for every book, it was essential for making this novel work the way I wanted.

The fruits of that discussion are now available for your listening pleasure. Check it, yo:

Book of the Celestial Temple Book Club: From History’s Shadow

As for the book, will there be any sequels or other “Tales From History’s Shadow?” At the time this was recorded, I was still fuzzy on the details of that, but since then I’ve been able to announce that there will be sequel, likely published in 2016. The current plan is for me to deliver an outline to my editor shortly after the New Year.

Thanks to Steve, Terry, and Mike for having me on their show!

Lay it on me.

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