UnderDiscussion: “The Essential Star Trek”

This past weekend, I once more ventured into the lair of the UnderGopher so that I might chat with Brady, Kevin, and Dustin yet again. This time, they had me on hand to yammer a bit about another mostly useless subject about which I seem to possess an inordinate and perhaps even unhealthy level of knowledge: Star Trek.

Yep, talking about the Trek produced a lengthy, spirited discussion as the guys offered up their lists for “essential viewing,” with an eye toward being able to introduce newcomers to the various happenings in and around the Final Frontier. Though there was some overlap between the three lists (I was there for color commentary and perhaps the occasional stretch toward comic relief), there also were some atypical choices, all of which were defended in fine fashion by whoever decided a particular grenade needed tossing into the fray.

The result? Nearly two and a half hours of unbridled geekery. Live long and stick that in your ears, yo:

UnderDiscussion #178: The Essential Star Trek

As always, thanks once again to Brady, Dustin, and Kevin for inviting me into their secret hideout. I’m sure we’ll find a good excuse reason to do it again soon.


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