Back cover text for Armageddon’s Arrow!

enterprise-eI was told earlier in the week that the back cover text and other pertinent info for my forthcoming Star Trek: The Next Generation novel Armageddon’s Arrow would be loaded to Simon & Schuster’s digital catalog this weekend. Lo and behold, look what’s there?

For those of you who don’t feel like making the trip all the way over there, here’s the back cover description:

It is a new age of exploration, and the U.S.S. Enterprise is dispatched to “the Odyssean Pass,” a region charted only by unmanned probes and believed to contain numerous inhabited worlds. Approaching a star system with two such planets, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his crew find a massive alien vessel, drifting in interstellar space for decades. Sensors detect life aboard the derelict—aliens held in suspended animation.

Thought to be an immense sleeper ship, the vessel actually is a weapon capable of destroying entire worlds…the final gambit in a war that has raged for generations across the nearby system. Captain Picard is now caught in the middle of this conflict and attempts to mediate, as both sides want this doomsday weapon…which was sent from the future with the sole purpose of ending the interplanetary war before it even began!

As I mentioned back when the title was first announced, I’d been wanting to do a TNG story that was more original series-flavored than what I’ve been able to do with Picard and the gang to this point–something big and brash that’s something of a salute to some of the original show’s more memorable high-adventure episodes, while also carrying the requisite “Star Trek message.” I don’t know if I succeeded in hitting all those marks, but that was the intention. Readers will have to judge how I did.

The first pre-order link has also been posted, and Kindle users win this round:

Kindle e-Book from

The book is still scheduled for a May 26th, 2015 publication date. Cover art is pending, so stay tuned!

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