Cover art for Cross Cult’s German edition of Peaceable Kingdoms!

Wanna look at something pretty?

Cross Cult, our publishing friends who produce German language translations of–among other things–various Star Trek novels and comics, have been busy again. This time, they’re taking on the five books comprising the Star Trek: The Fall mini-series from last year.  As part of their translation “package,” Cross Cult often commissions new cover art to grace their editions of these books. The ones I’ve seen are quite eye-catching…not just the art but the books themselves, which usually are slightly oversized paperbacks with lots of spot varnish effects to really make the cover art pop.

Thanks to a heads up from friend Jens Deffner over on Twitter, I was made aware of this bit of sweetness: a “rough” version of what will be the cover for CrossCult’s edition of my novel from The Fall, Peaceable Kingdoms:

PeaceableKingdoms-CrossCult(Click to Biggie Size)

Pretty swank, right?

“Rough” is in quotes because–more often than not–CrossCult seems to hit pretty close to the final mark even when they offer up these “draft” versions.

Thanks to Jens for the heads-up, and to the gang at CrossCult for doing another bang-up job!


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