Bucs Blog! 2014 Season, Week 6.

Wow. That was embarrassing.


Ravens 48 – Bucs 17

For the first quarter, the Baltimore Ravens looked like they were channeling the St. Louis Rams during their “Greatest Show on Turf” years. Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco threw five-count ’em, five–touchdown passes before we were into the second minute of the second quarter. You can do that when the opposing defense can’t even get into the same zip code in which your offensive line has established your pocket. This was me at the 13:00 minute mark in the 2nd quarter…..

angry baby
Meanwhile, Baltimore defenders spent more time in the Bucs backfield than Tampa running backs. Glennon was finally able to get his offense moving, but by then their fate was sealed. Even the fans knew that, as they’d all but evacuated Raymond James Stadium by halftime, getting home in plenty of time to be ready for their Walking Dead watch parties.

I’m not even going to bother with the rest of the recap. Something tells me I’m going to need to space out my snark if I’m going to make it through the rest of the season. Long story short? The Bucs are 1-5 and looking up at the ass of the rest of the division. Despite a tie in their game with Cincinnati, the Carolina Panthers are still on top. New Orleans holds a half-game lead over the Atlanta Falcons despite their bye this weekend, and Atlanta’s lost three so maybe they’re fixing to enter their own death spiral.

The Bucs have their own bye next week, which I expect them to lose just out of reflex.


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