Listen to Kevin and me babbling about Seekers with!

As is known to happen on occasion and for reasons that continue to surpass understanding, people want to interview us about our books. Go figure.

seekers-2-coverThis time, it’s Christopher Jones and Matthew Rushing, our friends from over at, for the latest episode of their Literary Treks podcast, who have us on to talk about the still new car fresh-smelling Star Trek: Seekers novel series and our first contribution to this new line of stories, Point of Divergence. Since it’s Kevin’s first time on the podcast, we also cover some ground about how he got into writing Trek as well as the Wardilmore Secret Origin Story before we get on with talking about how Seekers was developed, the two-book story that kicks off the series, and what you might see in future books.

Have a listen, whydontcha:

Literary Treks 78: The Numbers On the Front Should Help

Many thanks to Christopher and Matthew for having us on their show. I always have a blast talking with them, and we look forward to chatting with those gents again when opportunity arises!




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