Talkin’ 80s action movies!

Get to dah podcast!

Next weekend, I’ll be joining Brady, Dustin, and Kevin over at the UnderGopher studios/lair for another roundtable discussion. Some of you may recall that it was about a year ago that I sat down with the guys for an extended conversation about the James Bond movies, which ended up being so lengthy and fun that it made for not one but two episodes of their show!

Well, they’ve invited me back for more yakkin’, for a couple of installments, actually, but first up? 80s action movies.

Oh, hell. To the yeah.

commandoFor those of us who came of age during that period, the 80s represent some of the best (and worst) additions to pop culture, and for my money that decade takes the gold so far as over-the-top, insanely fun action flicks. Most such movies that have come after are either pale imitations or–at best–varyingly successful attempts to recapture some of the crazy cool that defined such films back in the day. I mean, who doesn’t love frappin’ Commando?

You in the back, born after 1990? Yeah, put your damned hand down. We’ll get to some of the movies that tried to steal the crown, soon enough.

So, what are we talking about? Well, just off the top of my head, I can’t imagine us not discussing such slices of cinematic greatness as:

The aforementioned Commando
The first three Rambo movies
Applicable James Bond films
Escape from New York
The Indiana Jones trilogy
Big Trouble In Little China
The Road Warrior
Lone Wolf McQuade
Tango & Cash

Above the Law
Raw Deal
Lethal Weapon and Lethal Weapon 2

and, of course, what is arguably the best action movie of the 80s, father to its own subgenre, and the one flick by which all others are still compared to this day: Die Hard.


Also, and for those who’ve wondered? Die Hard = My favorite Christmas movie, ever.

I can’t imagine we won’t be bringing up many perhaps lesser-known flicks, too; stuff like Bloodsport, Blue Thunder, Uncommon Valor, The Delta Force, Wanted: Dead or Alive, American Ninja, Cobra, and so on, and I expect we’ll also spend some time talking about action comedy faire like Midnight Run and the first couple of Beverly Hills Cop movies, to name some quick examples. I suspect the recent trend of attempting to recreate or evoke the 8s action goodness of yesteryear in such films as The Expendables, Escape Plan, The Last Stand, and so on will also get some attention.

I’m not trying to list everything here at once, so keep the “Hey, you forgot ______” comments on simmer. Feel free to offer up your favorites in the comments, though.

If you’re wanting to see what we might be dealing with, check out this list:

Wikipedia: List of action films of the 1980s

It’s going to be impossible to cover everything, but does anyone have any suggestions for films we absolutely should not overlook? I’ll make a list to take with me.

It’s entirely possible that we may be discussing this topic for like six or seven days, once we get started.

I should probably eat before I go.

Lay it on me.

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