Batman: You’re the Star of the Story, by Kevin Dilmore!

It’s time to pimp my hetero life mate, Kevin.

Many of you know that my best bud and frequent collaborator, Kevin Dilmore, keeps his days busy as a senior writer for Hallmark Cards. There, he writes all manner of awesome things, from catalog and other marketing copy to greeting cards to scripts for short films and everything in between. This includes some my favorite things that he’s ever written: Kids books!

His first foray into this realm came several years ago, when he penned a gift book for Hallmark: Superdad and his Daring Dadventures, which was intended for kids to share with their dads on Fathers Day. More recently, Kevin developed another character for the House of Cards, Cosmic Ray, and wrote three books which were part of a larger interactive storytelling platform that includes roleplaying accessories for the eager young reader. We’re talking a cape, a mask, wrist bands, and medallion module with voice recognition built in that talks back to the young reader as they read aloud and utter key phrases sprinkled throughout the books.


(Yes, he got me my own set.)

For his latest trick, Kevin has taken on a character near and dear to both our hearts: The Caped Crusader himself, Batman!

Using an approach similar to what was done for Cosmic Ray and another Hallmark creation, Princess Harmony, the first book in this new interactive series, The Joker Is On the Air!, comes packaged with a cape and cowl, and a Bat-medallion containing the VR chip. Kevin’s story for this book as well as the second entry, Riddles and Roars!, is augmented with some awesomely stylish illustrations by artist Peter Martin that evoke a feel that hovers between a classic comic and a more modern animated television series episode.


So, if you’re looking for a gift for that young reader who might also be into superheroes, give these a look. And for those wondering, “What about the girls?” well fear not! Even though Kevin didn’t write them, there is also a set of Batgirl books, complete with their own cape, cowl, and Bat-story talker thingee!


My daughters have one of each of these, by the way, and they don’t seem to care who wears what.

Of course, I have my own set.

Get your own.

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