Novel Spaces – “When Dreams Meet Reality”

writerSo, hey! It’s the 16th again, and that means it’s my turn in the spotlight over at the Novel Spaces blog!

Despite the fact that I’m still dashing like a maniac to meet a manuscript deadline (and fumbling and stumbling my away along toward said goal), I managed to switch gears for a few minutes and talk a bit about an interaction I had with a hopeful would-be published author. They had a dream of getting their Star Trek novel published, and they had approached me about how to go about doing that.

Don’t be fooled: despite my editor’s continued tolerance of my dumb ass, getting such a book published is harder than it looks, and getting to that point if you’re just starting out in the business of writing is harder still.

I don’t particularly enjoy having to tell someone that the dream they’re chasing will be harder to catch than they already believe to be true, but sometimes the truth is the best answer. In this case, the discussion was a positive one, and the writer came away motivated to channel their time and energy into writing original fiction and perhaps trying to pursue their Star Trek novel goal after they’ve gotten some experience.

Anyway, all of that seemed to make for good blog fodder, so boom!

Novel Spaces – “When Dreams Meet Reality”

So, if you’ve got a similar idea/dream of writing that Star Trek, Star Wars, or _____ tie-in novel, this seems to be a good place to drop your questions. 🙂

My Novel Spaces archive.


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