Star Trek: Seekers contest – We have winners!

I know at least a handful of you have been sitting on pins and needles, waiting to discover the outcome of this legen…….wait for it…….dary contest celebrating the launch of the all-new Star Trek: Seekers novel series, which included the publication of Point of Divergencewhich of course followed the release of Second Nature by our partner in mischief, Mr. David Mack.


So, what was the deal? Well, we thought it was pretty easy: Kevin and I put together a short trivia test with questions drawn from the first two Seekers books. Readers and fans were encouraged to send their answers to said questions to me, and those who correctly answered all of the questions were eligible to receive one these super awesome posters autographed by David, Kevin, and myself, along with our cover artist and creator of said poster, Rob Caswell:


First, here are the questions and their answers:

Seekers #1: Second Nature
1. Which member of the U.S.S. Sagittarius crew member sleeps in a sac of regenerative goo?
Answer: Ensign Nizsk

2. What is the name of the Sagittarius‘ land rover used by the landing party on the surface of Nereus II?
Answer: Vixen

3. What is a nickname for the Sagittarius‘ galley? (more than one possible answer)
Answer: “The Unholy Mess” or “Pre-Sickbay”

Seekers #2: Point of Divergence –
4. What Earth food is the young Tomol, Seta, shown enjoying in the U.S.S. Endeavour’s sickbay?
Answer: French fries with ketchup

5. With Starbase 47 no longer in the Taurus Reach, what planet-bound installation serves as an interim port of call for the Sagittarius and the Endeavour, while a new space station is being constructed?
Answer: Starbase 71

6. Per a particular Starfleet admiral, what is the “First Rule of Vanguard?”
Answer: “You do not talk about Vanguard.” (Admiral Nogura)

So, now that we have that out of the way, we need to announce us some winners! A random drawing gives us this list of five lucky folks:

Eli Chapman

Will Combs

Mike Hess

“Johnny Blues”

Alexander Preis

So, hey! Winners! Please email your snail mail address info to me: daytonward AT att DOT net.

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks very much to all of you who participated!


Lay it on me.

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