Point of Divergence

seekers-2-coverStar Trek: Seekers

The Taurus Reach: Once the conquered realm of a powerful alien species, this region remains largely shrouded in mystery even as it brims with potential for exploration and colonization. The Federation has sent in two of its finest starships on a quest to uncover the secrets it may yet hold…

The Tomol are a primitive civilization occupying a lone island on a remote world. Their culture is an enigma, centered on every member’s commitment to a painful, fiery self-sacrifice upon reaching maturity. But one of their clan has shunned this obligation, triggering a transformation into a new, powerful life form.
Answering the distress call of the U.S.S. Sagittarius—which has crashed on the
planet following a fierce battle with Klingons—Captain Atish Khatami and the
crew of the Starship Endeavour must now attempt a rescue mission…even as they
are locked in battle with the evolving, increasingly malevolent Tomol who, if
allowed to escape their home world, pose an imminent threat to the entire

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So here we are: the second Star Trek: Seekers novel.

After more than two years of plotting, planning, scheming, and even the occasional bout of actual writing on the part of David Mack, Kevin Dilmore, and myself, the first two books and their shared storyline are here, kicking off our new Star Trek fiction effort for Pocket Books. A sequel to our previous Star Trek Vanguard series, our intention with these new novels is to return to some of that old school exploring of strange new worlds, seeking out of new life and new civilizations and so on and so forth, as laid out in the opening narration of the original Star Trek series (TOS).

That said, we also plan to infuse these new adventures with a little bit of the modern storytelling sensibilities we gave to the Vanguard books. We’ve been calling this the “TOS-plus” approach. Future novels will be more standalone in nature, with Dave taking the books focusing on the crew of the Sagittarius, while Kevin and I will be handling the Endeavour stories. We’ll likely bring the two ships together again at some point, when we come up with a story that calls for it.

I guess we’ll see if this crazy idea works.

So, be sure to get your hands on a copy of the series’ first book, Second Nature written by our co-conspirator, Mr. Mack, before diving into this one. Trust me…it’ll hurt less.

In addition to providing a permanent home for links to find and order the book, this entry also will serve as our book’s “official” Q&A thread. Those of you who want to chat about the book, feel free to post your questions/etc. to the comments section. For those of you who’ve found this page and perhaps not yet read the book, BEWARE THAT SPOILERS ARE POSSIBLE FROM THIS POINT FORWARD.

14 thoughts on “Point of Divergence

  1. I like the “TOS+” idea. I know this is more standalone, but do you guys have a direction for the series in mind several books down the line? Whereas Vanguard was set against the backdrop of the original series timeframe, will the new books extend to the TMP era and beyond?


    1. Thanks! For those who haven’t read our stuff, we’re hoping our geniune affection for the original show comes through, as it’s the one we all grew up with. I’m one of those who thinks the setting is rich with storytelling possibilities, and even though there literally are hundreds of stories already told in this era on TV, in books and comics, games, and so on, I don’t think we’ll ever have too many tales set here. 🙂


  2. TOS+ sounds like a great idea. Looking forward to read more about the Taurus Reach.

    Browsing ‘my usual online book stores’ for your book left me a little bit confused: with exception of amazon,de they all seem to list it as “Star Trek: Seekers: A Scarce Infinity” instead of “Star Trek: Seekers: Point of Divergence” and the publication date (if stated at all) is indicated as September 11th. (the cover, however, is the same as shown here in your blog post & the ISBN is the same as on amazon) Any idea where the different title for this book comes from?


      1. Thanks for your reply & sorry that my 1st post was misleading. What I intended to say:

        Amazon.de got it right (“Point of Divergence”)

        and all the others got it wrong (“A Scarce Infinity”) — maybe they use the same source (for their data and/or import of print editions)

        e.g.: (the pages are in German but I think you can still see what I mean)




        Mistake in translation? No, I don’t think so, they are selling the English version, so there is no translation involved.


        1. All I can figure is that somebody somewhere got it wrong in an online catalog or some other source that other people could reference, and whoever entered info at those sites copied and propagated the error. It’s weird, given that the cover pic is right there, with the correct title.


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