The Book Fairy visits again!

Hey, you guys!

With all the stuff going on during the weekend, I almost forgot to show you all the big box of sexy the Book Fairy dropped on me on Saturday.

So, you know….BOOM.


You’ll have to forgive the crappy photography. All I had available was my phone, but it’s not like any of you didn’t know this book was coming like any day now, right?

Actually, I’m already getting reports of sightings and purchases at stores to and fro, including Down Under. Yeah, they got the books in the frappin’ Outback before a box made its way to my house. Sorry, Book Fairy, but that’s comin’ out of your tip.

Point of Divergence‘s official publication date is this coming Tuesday, August 26th, and for those of you who’ve been wondering if there will be some kind of contest coinciding with the book’s release? Yeah, get ready. It’s coming, but it won’t be a simple scavenger hunt/go find the book in a store kind of thing. I also can’t guarantee that nudity or signing a waiver absolving me of any responsibility for your injury or death won’t be required.

So, you know…plan accordingly.



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