Lost Days: A Kickstarter project by Michael Jan Friedman.

So, my friend Mike Friedman is busy again.

It’s been almost a year since Mike launched his first-ever Kickstarter project in the hopes of seeking funds to support the publication of a novel he’d hope to write and publish, I Am the Salamander. He ended up exceeding the modest funding goal he’d set for the project, and I can attest that he made good on all the rewards for those who backed him. I have my copy of the book, and my signed print of the cover art. So, I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

Anyway, Mr. Friedman is now attempting to replicate that success from last year, with another small Kickstarter he hopes will cover the costs of writing and publishing an all-new young adult fantasy novel he’s calling Lost Days.

LostDays Lost Days
A veteran author wants to bring
the Italian Renaissance alive for reluctant readers
through a unique fantasy adventure.

Instead of me stealing all of the man’s thunder, I’d rather let Mike tell you about his new novel all by his own self:

In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII issued a decree that Christendom would no longer count time according to the old Julian calendar, which–over the course of centuries–had allowed movable feasts like Easter to slip back a week and a half. From that point on, Christians would follow a new, more accurate calendar, which–because Pope Gregory was the one who made it happen–would come to be known as the Gregorian Calendar.

Oh, one other thing. To put the holidays back where they belonged, Pope Gregory eliminated ten days in October, 1582. Friday, October 5th became Friday, October 15th. This made landlords happy and tenants grumpy, but there it was.

Now, you might say the erasure of ten days was just a clerical formality, a logistical convenience. We didn’t actually get rid of those ten days, did we?

Or…did we?

What if something happened in the course of those ten days? Something so bad, so horrifying, so breathtakingly evil that the only way the world could survive was if those two hundred and forty hours were wiped from the face of the earth? Which, as you’ve probably guessed by now, is the conceit at the center of my young adult novel, Lost Days.”

You can learn more about the novel and what inspired Mike to write it, as well as the Kickstarter campaign, over at the page he’s set up: Lost Days. Mike’s also posted a short video in which he talks about the book and what he hopes to accomplish with it.

Mike’s name is one that’s probably known to a lot of you who read Star Trek novels, or Star Trek comics, or comics in general. As I said the last time his name popped up here, he’s written some of my favorite Trek stories over the years, and he’s also one of the genuinely nice guys in this business. If you’re a fan of Mike and/or cool things that inspire kids and maybe even those with a little kid still lurking deep inside us, I hope you’ll give Lost Days a gander and–if you’re able and willing–help him out a bit.

Good luck, Mike!


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