Listen to us babble SOME MORE about Star Trek: Seekers!

This past Monday, David Mack, Kevin Dilmore, and I along with our cover artist, Rob Caswell, joined Jason Hunt over at for an episode of his weekly show, Live from the Bunker. What did we talk about? Well, if this blog’s title wasn’t a total giveaway, we were doin’ some more serious pimping of our brand new novel series Star Trek: Seekers!

We of course talk about the series’ development and how Rob’s artwork inspired us, offer up some hints and teases about the first two books: Second Nature by Dave, which came out last month, and Kevin’s and my Point of Divergence, which is out next week. We also provide some thoughts on where we might go next with future books.

Our joint interview actually was pre-recorded for airing on Tuesday evening, but the entire broadcast is available on-demand. Check it out: Live from the Bunker – Star Trek: Seekers

Thanks very much to Jason for bringing us down to his bunker!



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