Come find me at Shore Leave 36!

And so it begins!

Shore Leave 36 is finally upon us, and the festivities begin later today at the stylish Hunt Valley Inn hotel located in…you guessed it…Hunt Valley, Maryland.

For those of you wondering, “Hey. Where’s Dayton gonna be during this shin-dig?” the answers await you below. Here’s my (so far as I know at this point, anyway) official conventions schedule for the weekend, with the room name being that last weird bit at the end of each line.
10pm-12am – Meet the Pros – the big hallway/foyer outside the main ballroom

The annual gathering of the conventions writer, artist and science guests. Come get your books signed!

10am-11am – Writing Trek Novels: Movie Era – Derby
11am-12pm – Star Trek: Seekers – Derby
12pm-1pm – Panters vs Plotters – Concierge
3pm-4pm – Fan Fic to Pro – Chase
5pm-6pm – Series in a Sandbox – Derby

11am-12pm – Writing in Collaboration – Derby
2pm-3pm – Exploring Star Trek Comics – Salon F

Hope to see you there!


Lay it on me.

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