“Ten for Ward” #12 at StarTrek.com: Ten Star Trek Episodes That Can Work As Stage Plays.

The fine folks over at StarTrek.com, having taken complete leave of their senses, have seen fit to allow me a bit of space over on their site, which I proceeded to pollute with yet another installment of my semi-regularly recurring blog series, “Ten for Ward.”

For those of you who’ve arrived here since the last time we did this, here’s how it goes: I’m invited every so often to provide a list of ten favorite (and hopefully interesting) Trek-related whatevers based on…well…whatever I can think up whenever my editor rings my bell and asks for a new column.

For this latest episode, I offer up a list of ten Star Trek episodes representing all of the television series as candidates to be adapted for presentation as stage plays. In truth, the bulk of Star Trek episodes could probably fall more or less into this category, but I’m of the opinion that some would not work nearly as well as others. However, I also believe a whole bunch of them would work just fine in that medium, and I could’ve listed way more than ten examples. However, doing so would not be in keeping with my columns whole naming shtick thing.

So, what did I come up with?

Ten for Ward #12 – Ten Star Trek Episodes That Can Work As Stage Plays


As is the case with each of the previous columns, mine is not intended to be a “definitive list, so any and all suggestions are more than welcome. Feel free to offer your ideas here or in the comments section for the column itself.

You can also check out all of my “Ten for Ward” columns just by clicking on this logo-ish looking thing right here:

So, who’s got some favorite candidates?

5 thoughts on ““Ten for Ward” #12 at StarTrek.com: Ten Star Trek Episodes That Can Work As Stage Plays.

  1. i think any of the episodes that had a trial as theme could work. court martial (TOS), the drumhead (TNG), rules of engagement (DS9) or thirty days (VOY)

    for a non-trial theme; the conscience of the king (TOS) just replace the stuff about it happening on another planet with germany in the late 1930s/early 1940s or yugoslavia or rwanda in the 1990s.


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