My writing “Bucket List.”

all-the-wordsOver on the Novel Spaces blog, our newest member, Che Gilson, has posted her first column, and it’s a fun one:

Novel Spaces: “Writing Bucket List”

It’s basically a checklist of writing projects she’d like to try some day. A bunch of us were shameless in our desire to borrow this idea for our own blogs or whatever, including this bonehead whose online banality you’re suffering right now.

So, what’s on my “Writing Bucket List?” A few things, as it turns out. Some of them just require me to have the necessary time in and around other projects, while others require actions to be undertaken by other parties which would, in turn, possibly present opportunities for me to seize. Here’s a few to get us started:

1. A comic book – Doesn’t have to be an ongoing series, or even anything high-profile. I’d just like to be able to hold up a single issue of a comic and say, “Hey! I wrote this!” or “Hey, Kevin and I wrote this!” As it happens, Kevin and I have discussed this very thing on more than one occasion, and it’s entirely possible that this might happen before the next time a UFO casts a shadow over Bigfoot while he’s standing on the deck of the Flying Dutchman.

2. A children’s and/or “young reader” book – I’m interested in doing something like this because I want to write something my kids can read.

3. A novel set in the 1980s – Another thing Kevin and I have knocked around. We were both teenagers of that era, and there’s so much about that decade that we both still love, so the idea of bringing in various aspects and trappings as we set about writing a story sounds like too much fun. What kind of story might it be? We figure it will be a murder mystery that’s also a comedy. Because reasons.

4. A screenplay – Not just any sort of screenplay, you understand, but for something completely off the wall. Think “Syfy Saturday Night Creature Feature.” Why? :: belch :: Why not?

5. There’s always a desire to write a tie-in for this or that property. My preferences and choices change from time to time, but I think we can agree that two easy favorites would be The Six Million Dollar Man and Planet of the Apes, should opportunity cross my path. What else? Hmm…I’ve halfway joked that the movie franchise The Expendables lends itself to a series of novels like the Mack Bolan or Remo Williams books (either of which would be fun to do, in their own right), so writing something like that would be a kick. Indeed, doing some kind of “men’s adventure” pulp fiction novel–recognizable brand name or not–is definitely something I’d do for the sheer fun to be had. Also, if they ever relaunch Indiana Jones in some form, I’ll be paying attention to that, as well.

6. Star Trek – yes, there are aspects of the final frontier I’d like to explore beyond the novels and other stories I’ve been fortunate to write. There also are a couple of other pet projects I’d like to pursue if ever Pocket lets me run hog-wild like they did for From History’s Shadow.

Those are just the ones that spring immediately to mind. Between those, the work I’m supposed to be doing over the coming months, and things I hope to be doing after that, I’ve got plenty to keep me busy, I think.

Guess I should get back to work.

13 thoughts on “My writing “Bucket List.”

  1. When I was a little farm kid, my weekly joy was a trip into town with my mom so I could pick out a box of cereal. Cereal boxes in those days had pictures of the actual toys that were INSIDE the box, or of great things that could be sent away for with boxtops. Needless to say, the stuff written on the boxes was more important to me than the cereal, and I’d study the stuff at Tweeten’s Grocery religiously. So imagine my joy when Margaret Clark got a contract to work with Peter Jackson’s “King Kong” and she called me to write some “gorilla facts” to be printed on the backs of Kelloggs boxes. Really! Me! Published on cereal boxes! That’s about as Bucket List completion as a guy could hope for, and it happened early.


      1. Now there’s an idea! Paula loved doing it for the four cards we created to get George into the Topps set. (Shit, how does this stuff come into our lives? We’re really lucky people. Now what we need is to have a novel–fiction–published on paper. You’re the lucky one, Dayton.)


        1. See, I think the Topps stuff would’ve been a gas. I keep hoping they’ll do something like the Planet of the Apes or SixMil sets, though I suspect books on those wouldn’t draw the same attention as Mars Attacks, Trek, and Star Wars.


  2. I’d still love to see you and Kevin handle the Green Lantern Corps. Preferably the “old school” version, not the current ones mired in events and weaponized feelings.


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