Going to Pi-Con this weekend? Meet the artist behind STAR TREK: SEEKERS!

Pi-Con is a science fiction/fantasy convention held each year in the Springfield, Massachusetts area. This year’s con is coming up this weekend, and if you’re A) going, and B) interested in our forthcoming Star Trek: Seekers novel series, you’ll have the chance to meet the artist who inspired David Mack, Kevin Dilmore and myself to get our merry band back together, pick up a few of the pieces left over after the conclusion of the Star Trek Vanguard series, and see what other sorts of mischief and mayhem we can conjure.

seekers-covers-1and2 (Click for “OH HELL YEAH!” size.)

Rob Caswell is a guest at this year’s Pi-Con, and he’ll be sharing the story of how his super-cool Star Trek artwork grabbed mine and Dave’s attention, and made the little gerbil wheels in our heads get to turnin’ as we considered what we might do to “fill the void” left by the Vanguard series. Here’s the panel description:

Star Trek: Seekers – From Art to Words with artist Rob Caswell

According to USA Today, “Rob Caswell is going where no other Star Trek fan has gone before…the first time a fan’s artwork has been adapted for the cover of any Star Trek book.” Star Trek: Seekers is a brand new series of novels coming out later this Summer, inspired by Rob’s illustrations, and a continuation of characters and events first explored in the best-selling Vanguard series by David Mack, Dayton Ward, and Kevin Dilmore. Rob will trace his history as an artist and detail the twisty and unexpected path that ultimately led his fan production to find home in mainstream print. Presented by Western MA Star Trek Fans. http://www.Meetup.com/4StarTrek

So, if you’re going to the con, you’ll have a chance to get the first tease about Seekers, ahead of the panel Dave, Kevin, Rob and me will be doing in August at the upcoming Shore Leave convention. And hey! If you are one of the lucky few……come back here and tell us all about it!


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