Lookie what I found in the mailbox….

Back toward the end of May, I happened to read a news article posted over at StarTrek.com, detailing how the Tampa Bay Rays, the major league baseball team who now calls my home town…uh…home, were preparing to host a “Star Trek Night” during their June 6th game against the Seattle Mariners.

StarTrek.com: Tampa Bay Rays Set for Star Trek Night

Ruminating about the article, I mentioned on Facebook and Twitter (jokingly, of course) that “I wonder if I know anybody in Florida…………. ”


Well, as it happens, I do know people in Florida!

Aside from my own family, of course, I also have friends from the different social media spheres dwelling in the Sunshine State, and one of those people stepped bravely forward, worked whatever contacts, networks, and voodoo he had at his disposal, and the result of those shenanigans arrived in my mailbox today:



Many thanks to Rich Eagle over on Facebook, who came to my assistance. Rich can expect a care package to arrive at his domicile in the coming days. Thanks also to the Tampa Bay Rays, for hosting fun theme nights like this. Now, if we can just get the Bucs onboard to do this kind of thing……..



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