The Batcave Podcast, Episode 16!

Holy recorded media! Can it already be time to join John S. Drew for another exciting episode of The Batcave Podcast? Looks that way.

John continues his retrospective of the classic 1960s Batman series starring Adam West and Burt Ward, and for this latest installment he’s joined by none other than comics and Batman guru Robert Greenberger, author of…among many, many things…The Batman Vault and The Essential Batman Encyclopedia. Together, John and Bob revisit the two-part story that brings with it the Riddler’s last appearances of the first season: “Death In Slow Motion” and “The Riddler’s False Notion.”

From John’s write-up:

“The Riddler returns to Gotham and confounds Batman and Robin with a new string of riddles. While the Dynamic Duo race about in response to the riddles, the Prince of Puzzlers is filming the entire thing. What is his ultimate plan? What is the purpose of the film? Will Batman figure it out or misinterpret the clues?”

Tune in to see what John and Bob thought of these episodes: Death In Slow Motion/The Riddler’s False Notion


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