“Ten for Ward” #11 at StarTrek.com: Ten Insane Star Trek Crossovers

It’s been a while since we last did this…so long, in fact, that I was beginning to think I’d somehow angered the good folks over at StarTrek.com. But, my fears were eased when I received an e-Mail a few weeks back asking about my interest in contributing yet another installment of my irregularly recurring blog series, “Ten for Ward.”

Recapping for you new people: I’m invited every so often to provide a list of ten favorite (and hopefully interesting) Trek-related whatevers based on…well…whatever I can think up whenever my editor throws a rock at me and asks for a new column.

For this newest entry, I decided to do a little of that “What if?” thing, and ponder what might happen if Kirk or one of the other Star Trek captains and their crews were to cross paths with characters from other science fiction or comics-based franchises. The result?

Ten for Ward #11 – Ten Insane Star Trek Crossovers That Would Still Be Awesome

And yes, if you’re wondering, this one did indeed make the list, BECAUSE REASONS:

Star Trek Turtles

As always, this isn’t intended to be a “definitive list” for such things, so the floor’s open to any and all suggestions. Feel free to offer your ideas here or in the comments section for the column itself.

In related news, it actually looks like this “irregular” thing will become somewhat more “regular” as I’ve been asked to provide columns for StarTrek.com on a bi-monthly basis going forward. Thanks very much to my editor and the rest of the staff over there, for letting me play in their sandbox every once in a while. You can check out all of my “Ten for Ward” columns just by clicking on this logo-ish looking thing right here:

Okay, then. Who’s got a good crossover notion?

5 thoughts on ““Ten for Ward” #11 at StarTrek.com: Ten Insane Star Trek Crossovers

  1. The TNG era and the Universal Century era of Mobile Suit Gundam. Imagine Klingon birds of prey flying around, letting loose with all manner of disruptor fire…only to have a hotshot mobile suit pilot cut them down with a beam saber. The UC has giant robots, but Trek has FTL travel. Interesting clash of technologies. Beyond the battle scenes, intense political machinations and character drama are well-suited to both franchises.

    Just as long as they don’t make Wesley Crusher a Newtype.


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