The Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum? GIMME.

I recently became aware of a Kickstarter effort with the aim of acquiring startup funds for the Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum. The folks behind it also are responsible for the ongoing restoration of a U.S.S. Enterprise-D bridge replica which at one time was part of a traveling Star Trek exhibit.

Here, take a look:

Kickstarter: Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum


As described, this is a pretty ambitious undertaking. Since I’m a big ol’ sci-fi nerd, my mouth waters at the very idea of being able to visit a place like this, which wouldn’t just be a collection of memorabilia but instead a repository of science fiction history and a place to learn about and celebrate the genre.

Yes, it’s a bold idea. That’s what makes it cool.

I can’t even begin to imagine the logistical hurdles facing an endeavor of this size. They seem to be taking a measured, patient approach to building out their plans, playing a form of long game that will require trust on the part of the backers they’re hoping to attract. To be honest, I was skeptical when I first heard about it. If this were simply a fan-driven effort, I might’ve dismissed it as an elaborate exercise in wishful thinking, and maybe that’s what it is.

On the other hand, a look at the Kickstarter reveals a “board of directors” that includes several people I know and/or admire and respect. That was what made me take a longer look. If there’s a group of people who can will something like this into reality, I imagine these folks would have to be part of it.

Since I’m still learning about this, it’s possible and even likely that any questions I have are already answered deeper in one of the websites. From a review of the museum’s main site, the obvious emphasis is on sci-fi television and film, but I like that they’re also planning to include SF in prose, comics, and so on. I also like that they’re bringing in exhibits devoted to NASA and how science fiction is continuing to influence real science, space exploration, and so on.

And since they’re planning a “Hall of Space Ships,” maybe they could partner with the team behind the awesome Sci-Fi Airshow website and help to take their idea to the next level by getting us some real full-sized mockups of the Jupiter 2 or the Eagle from Space: 1999, which could be toured and made available for photo ops. Because if we’re gonna do this, let’s go full-throttle, baby.

I’m just being crazy, now…aren’t I?

As I’ve already said a couple of times, this is a pretty grand idea these folks are hoping to pull off, and I hope they can do it, because why the hell not?

Anybody else hear about this? What do you think?


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6 Responses to The Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum? GIMME.

  1. liquidcross says:

    You just want your Planet of the Apes pod.

    Which had better damned well be in that museum.


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