Star Trek: Seekers – The first two covers REVEALED!

Yeah, that headline oughta wake up some people.

We’ve been sitting on these for a while, but it was with good reason, we learned, as we found out earlier this week that the covers for the first two Star Trek: Seekers novels, David Mack‘s Second Nature and Point of Divergence by me and Kevin, were to be revealed in no less than the pages of USA Today!

That’s right! The covers and a brief piece about their creator, artist Rob Caswell, appears in the May 8th print edition of the paper, as well as an accompanying piece in the online edition. For that, we go to the link:

USA Today – Book Buzz exclusive: ‘Star Trek: Seekers’ cover reveal

Also included in the piece are some quotes by Dave describing the series and how Rob’s work inspired it, as well as an excerpt from the first book. So, go and read all that good stuff.


And since I know you’d probably like to see these bad boys in something approaching, “OH HELL YEAH!” size, well here comes the boom, y’all:

seekers-covers-1and2 (Click for “OH HELL YEAH!” size.)

Pretty frikkin’ sweet, right?

For those who might not recall from our initial announcement of the series last summer, the cover compositions – most especially those big ol’ honkin’ numbers – are a deliberate tribute to Star Trek books from yesteryear, specifically the novelizations of the original Star Trek series episodes written by James Blish in the 1970s. All of us involved in Seekers love those books and their covers, and indeed I’ve waxed fanboy about them in this space from time to time.

Second Nature is still on target for a July 22nd publication date, with Point of Divergence following a little over a month later on August 26th. The first book will “premiere” at the Shore Leave convention the first weekend in August, and efforts also are underway to have the second book there, too. Keep those digits (and whatever else) crossed!

You’ve pre-ordered your copies, right?

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