Starfest 2014 final wrap-up.

So, where the hell did that weekend go?


That’s right, folks! The first weekend in May, in addition to being home to this year’s Free Comic Book Day and Star Wars Day (“May the 4th Be With You!”), also was the weekend in which Kevin and I set out for Denver for our twelfth consecutive year as guests of the always awesome Starfest convention.

Joining us once again for our trip across the vast wastelands comprising western Kansas and eastern Colorado was our friend and fellow word pusher Christie Golden, who’s been a fixture at Starfest even longer than me and Kevin.

As we’ve mentioned here and there, Starfest is one of our favorite convention destinations, and every year we find some new fun and mischief in which to embed ourselves. In addition to participating on panels and along with our tables in the “Author Alley” where we signed many books, we also helped judge the Saturday night costume contest as well as the Sunday morning talent show. We’ve also taken to helping with the judging of the “balcony contest,” in which those fans with balconies overlooking the hotel’s rather sizable atrium decorate those spaces in the hopes of winning cool prizes and whatnot.

For this year we had suggested something new for Friday night: a Galaxy Quest quote-along. Despite our concerns that the event might not attract too much attention, we started the show with more than a hundred people and by the time the movie was over that count had more than doubled, and most everyone was quoting all of the film’s best lines (and sound effects, and alien screeches, and so on) all the way through to the end. The experiment was enough of a success that we’ll be doing it again next year with a different movie, and we may end up doing different flicks on Friday and Saturday night.

So, can I get a “HELL YEAH!” ??


The entire weekend was a blast from start to finish. We got to meet popular Star Wars comics and novel writer John Jackson Miller, who was making his first appearance at the con. John’s already written a Star Trek e-Book novella, Absent Enemies, and he’s contracted to write a full-blown Trek novel for next year. I’m hoping we cross paths again soon.

It was another wonderful weekend, thanks to the tireless efforts of the Walker family — Stephen, KathE, Steve, and Mike, along with spouses and even grandkids — as well as our friends Susan and Treecy, Bob, Brooke, Carol, Christina, David and Debby, Judy, Ken and Kelley, Kevin Atkins, Phil, and everyone else who worked so hard for so long to make it all look so easy to the casual observer. As they do every year, they took tremendous care of us, and I can only hope we held up our end of the deal. I’m already looking forward to seeing them and all the rest of our Starfest friends next year.


Lay it on me.

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