Stalk us at Starfest!

Tomorrow, I’ll be hitting the road with my hetero life mate, Kevin Dilmore, and convoying with fellow word pusher Christie Golden as we make the trek to Denver for this year’s Starfest Convention!


The con promises to be a chaotic collision of various fandoms, falling as it does on the first weekend of the month. Not only is Saturday also Free Comic Book Day, but Sunday is May 4th, which of course is now something of a Star Wars holiday. With that in mind, the keen folks at Starfest have opted to note the occasion with this year’s con logo. I expect signage throughout the hotel as well as staff badges and shirts to be pimping the theme to the hilt.

It’s gonna be a fun weekend, y’all.

Firstly, this will be mine and Kevin’s 12th consecutive year attending as guests of the convention. We never fail to have a blast, and every year they find something else for us to do or help out with. This year, we piled on by adding a snazzy little event of our own: the inaugural Starfest Galaxy Quest Quote-Along Adventure. Never give up, never surrender, and never miss an opportunity to shout out all the best lines from this fan-favorite flick, which I maintain is the best Star Trek movie released in the last twenty years.

That’s right. I said it.

Anyway, the con’s doing something a bit different this year with their schedule, and loaded the whole thing to The interactive schedule can be accessed via laptop or mobile device, allowing each user to track the events they want to attend or receive updates all weekend long. Kevin and I are both loaded out there, including our complete panel/etc. schedule:

Stalk Dayton
Stalk Kevin

So, who’s goin’? You goin’? We’re goin’. See you there!





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