Almost that time again.

I’m getting close to the scheduled start date for the next novel project. Regular readers of this space (both of you) know that it will be a Star Trek: The Next Generation novel, set after the events of the recently concluded miniseries Star Trek: The Fall.

Often, I’m asked some variation of, “How do you plot your stories?” or “How do you lay out space battles?” or whatever. Well, I have tools for that sort of thing. For example:


Yep. It’s perfect for laying out a scene on the Enterprise bridge or some other shipboard location. If I find I’m having trouble visualizing the goings-on, I just hand this thing over to my two special helpers, who set aside their crayons and paints and dolls long enough to bail out their daddy (you know, as usual).

And what if I need to plan a landing party scene and the gruesome death of Ensign Minecci or some other luckless security officer? Here comes the boom, y’all:


Yep. Ensign Nicky is about to have a very bad day. Again.

Wait….what? You mean not every writer does this? Just me? Really? All righty, then. Moving on.

And those space battles? Well, those of you who’ve been with me throughout this crazy train ride we call my “writing career” already know that I use only the finest in starship combat simulation tools and techniques, right?


So, if anybody needs me today, I’ll be “choreographing a space battle.” I’ve enlisted the aforementioned special helpers to help me with this bit of brainstorming.

Could take hours.


Lay it on me.

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