Talkin’ about The Fall with Trek Mate!

Last Saturday, Trek Mate host Sina Alvarado managed to corral four of the five authors who contributed to the recently concluded novel miniseries Star Trek: The Fall, about which you may or may not have read every so often if you’ve been lurking around here for any length of time.


Once assembled, we–David R. George III, David Mack, James Swallow, and myself–commenced to babble and ramble about all sorts of topics, returning to “the table” every so often to actually answer a question posed to us by Sina. Una McCormack was unable to join us, which was something of a bummer, because her presence most certainly would’ve lent an air of much-needed dignity to the proceedings. Still, the rest of us made sure during our discussion that her indelible contributions to the miniseries were not overlooked.

We talk about how the series came about, how this or that writer was given the task of writing for particular characters or dealing with specific plot points, and how the miniseries sets the course for things to come.

Oh, and we talk about drinking. A bit. Much.

It was a fast hour or so, and our host, Sina, displayed an extraordinary level of patience and grace while enduring our antics. The results of this confab (and Sina’s monumental editing efforts) now are available for your listening pleasure:

Trek Mate: Ten Forward – Episode 93:
A Round of Drinks for the Authors of Star Trek: The Fall!

Thanks very much to Sina and Trek Mate for giving us a forum to chat. Here’s hoping we can do it again soon!



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