March writing wrap-up.

all-the-wordsAnd just like that? BAM!

2014, 25% done.


We’ve settled into our new routine here at stately Ward Manor 2.0. The boxes are all pretty much gone (or pushed into a corner of the garage), the last of the new furniture is set to arrive later this week. All we’ve really got left is to extract some stuff from storage, and then it’s full speed into spring. The Mrs. and I are thinking of getting one of those 2-person kayak/canoe hybrid things so we can take advantage of the big-assed lake which is RIGHT OVER THERE. The kids dig the park/sports areas which are nearby, and they’re getting to know a few of the neighborhood younglings.

But, I know that’s not why you’re here. A few writing-related things did happen during March, of course, and we’re getting set to plunge headlong into the next novel projects. Here’s the monthly rundown:

Star Trek: Seekers #2 – We received the copyedited manuscript for Point of Divergence from our editor early in the month, and returned it with our changes, corrections, and so on and so forth on March 26th. We heard later that week that the manuscript had been approved by CBS Licensing, so now we’re just waiting for typeset/galley pages to review. The first two Seekers novels will be published in August and September, and while it’s almost certain that Dave’s book, Second Nature, will be available at this year’s Shore Leave convention, things are much more fuzzy with respect to our book, but rest assured we are doing whatever we can to make that happen. More as details firm up.

Pale Blue Dot – Still just the title they stuck on the contract for my next tie-in project, which will be a Star Trek: The Next Generation novel, set after the events of The Fall. I delivered an outline/proposal on March 20th, and after some tweaking based on editorial feedback, returned it on March 26th. I’m presently awaiting licensor approval before I get started on it, and my projected manuscript delivery date is around Labor Day. So far as I know, publication is scheduled for mid 2015 or so. More info as I get green lights, etc.

Essay – my contribution to New Life and New Civilizations: Exploring Star Trek Comics, which will be published by the Sequart Organization. As the title implies, this collection of essays will take a look at all the various Star Trek comics which have been published over the years, from Gold Key’s original run in the 1960s all the way up to and including IDW’s current line of monthly and special event titles. For those wondering, my piece will revisit Marvel’s second run of Trek comics from the late 1990s. I received word on December 23rd that with the exception of a few line edit tweaks, my editor was pleased with what I’d delivered. Editor Joe has already said he’s busting various body parts in an effort to have copies on hand for the aforementioned Shore Leave convention. Can’t wait to see this one!

Finding the Spark.” – My most recent monthly column for the Novel Spaces blog, which was posted on March 15th. This time around, I yammer for a few paragraphs about what happens when the words prefer to play around inside your head, rather than coming out to the paper or screen in the form of sentences and whatever else makes up a story in progress. How does one cope with that sort of thing? Every writer has their own tips and tricks, of course. What’s yours?

Other stuff in the pipeline:

The Adventures of Space Marshal Dylan McCade: There has been some preliminary talk about a follow-up to “The Terror of Entropia’s Ice Cannon!” That first story ended on something of a cliffhanger, setting up something I was calling “The Rampage of the Runaway Moon!” and even though that originally was meant as a tongue-in-cheek salute to Space: 1999, it’s looking like we may well go for developing this notion. The current plan is to collaborate on a story outline, and from there decide how best to proceed. In the meantime, the first adventure is still available for listening and reading at the Dylan McCade’s page on the SciFi Commons website, and it’s all free for your ears and eyes alike. So, if you haven’t yet sampled it, you need to be setting course thataway. I’ll wait.

Star Trek: Seekers #4 – For late 2015. I was told last month that contracts were being processed for this, our second contribution to the still-forthcoming Seekers series. Our co-conspirator, David Mack, has already drafted an outline for Book #3, and Kevin and I will begin figuring out what our book will be about later this spring. Unlike the first two books which will launch the series, books 3 and 4 will each be standalone tales “starring,” respectively, the crews of the U.S.S. Sagittarius and Endeavour. Will the two ships team up again? Probably, but we’re in no rush to do that. 🙂

Tie-in project – For who knows? I’m finalizing this pitch, and figure to be done with it by the end of this weekend. After that, I plan to send it to a small group of trusted folks to get their feedback, after which I will be sending it to someone at a publisher who hopefully won’t toss it in the recycle bin. This would be for someone with whom I’ve not worked before, so I’m not sure at this point what to expect, but, I’m definitely jazzed to get this in front of someone, because FUN.

Another tie-in project – For who knows? Kevin and I originally cooked up this notion while we were in Vegas back in August. After some himming and hawing, we finally put together a pitch/outline and delivered it for review earlier in December. The feedback we’ve gotten so far is that it’s an idea they want to pursue, but not just yet. We may hear something more in the next couple of months, but the beauty of what we pitched is that it’s not time-sensitive, so it can sit and percolate while we tend to other things. Stay tuned.

“The Enterprise Job” – Realizing over the holidays that 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the building of the original Enterprise model, I told myself that I have to get off my ass and get this finished, formatted, and made available for public consumption and ridicule. This means figuring out how best to get it set up for one of the e-Book venues like Smashwords or whatever, as well as making it available for print-on-demand. I know, I know…”it’s coming.”

Short film script: Kevin and I hatched this notion back in December, as a matter of fact. 2014 also marks another milestone year in the annals of Star Trek history, and as we were talking about some other things we plan to be doing at the forthcoming Starfest convention in Denver, this other idea presented itself. Now that Kevin has experience writing scripts and access to people and resources looking and willing to film such things, we decided we may have the makings of a fun little project. I also have the idea pretty much written out, already, so it’ll largely be a matter of going in and rewriting/freshening up some bits, formatting a 10-15 minute screenplay from that, and then seeing what the next steps are. Mwuah-ah-hah.

Also, and though we’ve been on a brief hiatus these last couple of weeks, I’ve continued to answer the call of friends Nick Minecci and Terry Lynn Shull, they of the weekly Sunday G and T Show, responding to queries submitted to them via their show’s “Ask Dayton” feature. What can I say? I’m an attention-whore. Besides, we’re almost at 100 of these frappin’ things, so I can’t stop now.

Possible future projects:

Military SF story – A few months ago, I received a copy of a military SF short fiction anthology – the first in what is to be a recurring series of such books – along with a  handwritten note from its editor that read, “Volume 2 is done. Now send me something for Volume 3!” So, you know…I should probably do something about that. I’ve got a couple of ideas percolating, so hopefully I can get on that before things get too crazy with the next novel project.

Kid’s story book – Though my original idea (an illustrated story book for younger kids…5-8 range, etc.) might not end up going anywhere, a recent discussion has opened a door to possibly getting this going as part of another, larger project. This would be a licensed product, and things are still very nebulous at the moment as different parties weigh in on this or that, but you can be sure that if anything breaks, I’ll be one jazzed geek.

Steampunk short story – I plan to get back to this one and finish a draft, but I don’t expect it will be happening until after the first of the year. It’s a new genre for me, so it’s proving a bit of a challenge, but I really like the idea I’ve come up with. I’m even thinking I can expand the general premise–if not this particular tale–to novel length, and really go crazy. I guess we’ll see.

Anyway….howdy, April.

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