The Corps of Engineers is getting the Cross Cult treatment!

Thanks to a heads-up from the always informative Trek Collective, I’m now aware of some cool news from Cross Cult, our publishing friends across the pond over in Germany. The Cross Cult gang has been busy with translations of various Star Trek novels and comics over the years, including the Vanguard and Typhon Pact series. The Fall is also on their list of things to do, but before they get to that, they’ve opted to start translating yet another of the Star Trek “books only” series from Pocket Books. This time? Star Trek: Corps of Engineers.

For those who don’t remember that far back, the series created by editor John Ordover and writer/editor Keith DeCandido began in the fall of 2000 under its original name, Star Trek: S.C.E. (Starfleet Corps of Engineers), as a trio of e-Book exclusive novellas: The Belly of the Beast by Dean Wesley Smith, Fatal Error by Keith DeCandido, and Hard Crash by Christie Golden. Once it was determined that those first three e-Books had sold well enough to continue the experiment, the series began publishing monthly installments in early 2001. First up in the expanded line-up? Interphase, Book 1 by two boneheads named Ward and Dilmore. After a total of 66 novellas, the series was “re-launched” in the fall of 2006 as Corps of Engineers, in large part to get people to quit asking, “What does S.C.E. stand for?”

The rebooted series ran for eight more novellas before going on what some people still insist on calling “an extended hiatus.” So here we are, well over a decade later, and the series is being made available in e-Book form all over again, for any of you who are lucky enough to read German. The first four novellas have already been scheduled, with the first due out in April 2014 and the next three following every other month through October. (That won’t be me. As previously discussed, I have a tenuous grasp on English, and a somewhat firmer grip on Profane English.)

The Trek Collective – Books bits: SCE, TOS, and Rise of the Federation

As is often the case when Cross Cult gets their motor running, the new translated versions will feature new “cover art” (in quotes since e-Books don’t really have covers so much as they do a pic taking up space at the front of the file). For the first half of Interphase, we have this:

CrossCult-Interphase1-cover(Click to Biggie Size)

Pretty snazzy, eh?

Now, I’m rather a fan of many of the covers rendered by artist Mike Collins for the bulk of the series, as I’ve mentioned before. Still, Cross Cult has created some pretty sweet covers for other Trek novels, so I’ll be paying attention to these as they roll out.

Thanks to the good folks over at Cross Cult for continuing to do their thing, and for “8of5” and the Trek Collective for keeping the rest of us humans informed as to the goings-on and other shenanigans.


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